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In Memoriam
ohn A. DiGiamberardino, 61, passed away on
September 3, 2021. Mr. DiGiamberardino
graduated from Muhlenberg High School
in 1977 and proceeded to earn a Bachelor
of Business Administration, majoring in
accounting, from Temple University. Mr.
DiGiamberardino continued his education at
Temple University School of Law where he
received his Juris Doctorate and his Master of
Law in taxation. Mr. DiGiamberardino was
admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar in 1984 and
practiced at Case & DiGiamberardino, PC,
where he focused on consumer bankruptcy,
bankruptcy litigation, business bankruptcy and
real estate matters. Mr. DiGiamberardino was
a member of the Berks County Bar Association,
Lancaster County Bar Association, Pennsylvania
Bar Association, American Bar Association,
American Bankruptcy Institute, Eastern District
of Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Conference and
Middle District Bankruptcy Bar Association.
Mr. DiGiamberardino was an extremely valued
member of the Berks County Bar Association's
Pro Bono Bankruptcy Conciliation Program and
Bankruptcy Section. In 2017, he was awarded
the Pennsylvania Bar Association's pro bono award
for his work in providing free bankruptcy services
to people in need. Mr. DiGiamberardino was a
zealous advocate for his clients and was always
willing to take on the most challenging arguments.
He was generous with his time and knowledge,
discussing bankruptcy issues with his colleagues
and was a frequent speaker at continuing education
seminars. In addition to his legal associations, Mr.
DiGiamberardino was a member of St. Ignatius
Loyola R.C. Church and since 2009, he also served
as the vice chairperson and legal counsel for the
Reading Rage Soccer Club. He is survived by
his wife, Diana, his sons, John, Jr., Dante, and
Gabriel, and his daughter, Angela.
Ben Leisawitz displayed tremendous power in capturing the Home Run
Derby trophy during the Greater Reading Chamber Alliance Annual Picnic on
August 3rd at FirstEnergy Stadium. Helping Ben celebrate the victory were
(from left): His son Adam and fellow attorney Kevin A. Moore; his father,
Elliott, wife, Michele; son, Adam, and mom, Doris; Ben and his daughter,
Leah. Bottom row from left: Ben's winning hit; making it into the big time on
the billboard, Reading Fightin' Phils mascot Screwball and Ben's son Adam.
On May 18th Camilo was
born to Gabriela G. Raful
and Lenin Agudo, joining
brother Julian. Raful is a
senior partner at Galfand
Berger and Vice President
of the Berks County Bar
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