BCMSMedicalRecordSpring2017 - 12

c o m Pa s s P o i n t s

Timothy J. (T.J.) Huckleberry, MPA
Executive Director

Paging Dr. Huckleberry...
Paging Dr. Connor Huckleberry:
A Near-Sighted Look
at Our Growing Medical
Student Debt Problem


ne of the many things I love about my five year-old son, Connor,
is his ever-evolving imagination. For instance, about a year ago he
wanted to be a "knight" when he grew up, and a couple months
before that he wanted to be a "stop sign." So several weeks ago, while getting
his first pair of glasses, you can imagine my relief when he came bounding
through the door saying, "I want to be an eye doctor for children."
Of course my initial reaction was to say, "Son, let's sit down and talk about
the benefits of joining your local medical society." Hey, at least you know I am
always working.
So, I am his parent and obviously I believe that this bright little boy is
capable of achieving anything he puts his mind to, including becoming a
pediatric ophthalmologist (even if he can't pronounce it yet). Which leads to
my second reaction: how the %^#^ is he going to pay for this!!
So the next day I did what any self-respecting neurotic parent would do:
I started to calculate how much it would cost for my little guy to be called
Dr. Connor Huckleberry. What I found made me half wish he stuck with
wanting to be a stop sign.
I began to factor in some of the necessary variables. First, knowing my
son, he is going to want to follow in his father's footsteps and attend Drexel
University's hallowed halls for his undergraduate degree and he's going to want
to live on campus. Now, although I have all the confidence in the world that
Connor will get a full ride scholarship for basketball, to keep this article fair
and academic, I omitted all possible financial aid.
I also factored in the trends of yearly tuition increases, which hover slightly
above 5% a year, as well as cost of living increases which I estimated at about
3% a year.
So I started my research by going on Drexel's admissions and financial
aid pages.





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