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Welcome New Members
hearing loss. In addition, I'm excited to
offer novel surgical treatments of sleep
apnea that were not previously available in
Berks County.
Why did you decide to practice medicine
in Berks County?
We always planned to move to
Pennsylvania after residency to be closer
to family. My mentor at Michigan had
trained with Dr. Restrepo and highly
recommended the practice.


he Berks County Medical Society
is pleased to welcome Dr. Cronin,
Otolaryngology specialist with ENT
Head & Neck Specialists, PC. Dr. Cronin
earned his bachelor's degree and medical
degree from The Ohio State University.
He completed his surgical internship and
otolaryngology residency at the University
of Michigan where he served as chief
resident from 2014-2015.
He is board certified with the American
Board of Otolaryngology. Dr. Cronin is an
active member of the American Academy of
Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery.
He is on the active staff of the Surgical
Institute of Reading, St. Joseph Medical
Center and The Reading Hospital.
To get to know Dr. Cronin a little better,
we asked him to respond to the following
Describe the focus of your practice and
any areas of special interest/expertise.
My clinical interests include otology and
sleep medicine. Otology involves the study
and treatment of ear disease and hearing
loss. I trained extensively during residency
to provide comprehensive treatment
of these conditions including cochlear
implantation for patients with profound




What do you like best about practicing
The unique relationship between
physician and patient remains one of
the best parts of practicing medicine.
Patients trust me to make treatment
recommendations and operate on their
body which is quite remarkable given I may
have only met them once.

district where my son attends kindergarten.
We gravitate toward sports and outdoor
activities. I'm personally excited to be
closer to skiing as this was a love growing
up which I abandoned for years during
medical school and residency.
Name one thing about your practice /
field of medicine that you think all your
patients should know.
ENT is a diverse specialty. I think many
patients are surprised to find that we
provide a variety of surgical treatments
outside of "tubes and tonsils."

If you could change one thing about the
current practice environment, what would
it be?
After residency, all new physicians
are faced with the challenges of learning
the complexities of billing, coding, and
working with insurances. While naïve in
some ways, a system with fewer insurance
products, contracts, fee schedules, etc.,
seems attractive to me as a young doctor.
Are you involved in any nonprofit/
community groups at this time?
Not yet, but we look forward to
engaging in the community and enjoying
all that Berks County and southeast
Pennsylvania have to offer. We remain
involved in our church through which we
can access many of these opportunities.
Please tell us a little about your family
and the activities you enjoy outside of
My wife and I stay busy raising two
children. We've settled in the Wilson school


he Berks County Medical Society
is pleased to welcome Dr. John
Braca III, of the Reading Health
Physician Network practice Spine and
Brain Neurosurgery. Dr. Braca did his
undergraduate work at Fordham University,
Bronx, NY, in Biological Sciences and
Chemistry. He earned his M.D. degree
from New York Medical College in
Valhalla, NY before going on to train in
Neurosurgery at Loyola University Medical
Center in Maywood, IL. While at Loyola,
he undertook an intra-residency Spine


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