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Fellowship. He went on to post-residency
fellowships in Endovascular Neurosurgery
and Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery at
Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine,
Indiana University in Indianapolis, IN.
We are very fortunate to have a surgeon
with Dr. Braca's expertise available in our
community, and we are proud to welcome
him as a member of the BCMS.
To get to know Dr. Braca a little better,
we asked him to answer a few questions:
Describe the focus of your practice and
any areas of special interest/expertise.
The subspecialty focus of my practice
includes the comprehensive
treatment of intracranial aneurysms,
cerebral and spinal AVMs, carotid
endarterectomy, carotid artery stenting,
ischemic stroke intervention, skull
base tumors, endoscopic minimally
invasive skull base tumor surgery,
pituitary tumors, brain tumors,
degenerative spine disease, and
trigeminal neuralgia.
Why did you decide to practice
medicine in Berks County?
Reading Hospital provides a
very unique opportunity to build
a neurovascular program and
simultaneously provide necessary care
to Berks County residents. Additionally,
I was raised in nearby Connecticut and
both my wife's family and my family still
reside there. Practicing in Berks County
provided me with a unique opportunity
to fulfill my professional goals and
to maintain proximity to the support
structure of my family.
What do you like best about practicing
I very much enjoy operating.
Although, interacting with patients and
their families for complex surgical
intervention while applying new
technology to the challenges of surgical/
endovascular care is the element
that I like best about practicing
If you could change one thing about
the current practice environment, what
would it be?
Patient access to expert care.

Need an eye consult or referral?
It's like having 20 of the best ophthalmologists
and eye care physicians right in your practice.

Adam J. Altman, MD
Helga S. Barrett, OD
Leslie P. Brodsky, OD
Jennifer H. Cho, OD
Michael Cusick, MD
Gary L. Dietterick, OD
David S. Goldberg, MD
Dawn Hornberger, OD
Y. Katherine Hu, MD
Lawrence E. Kenney, MD
Barry C. Malloy, MD
Michael A. Malstrom, MD
Martin F. Miller, OD
Mehul H. Nagarsheth, MD
Abhishek K. Nemani, MD
Jonathan D. Primack, MD
Kevin J. Shah, MD
Justin M. Shaw, MD
Monica Wang, OD
Denis Wenders, OD

EYE CONSULTANTS OF PENNSYLVANIA is the leading ophthalmology

practice in the region. And with good reason. Providing the best possible
patient care begins with our Board-Certified physicians, clinical excellence
and evidenced based practice. In fact, when it comes to specialized eye care,
our ophthalmologists and surgeons are some of the best that you'll find
anywhere. But more than that, our entire practice is committed to cooperative
management of your patient. It means that we communicate and consult 360˚.
We share information, and we provide direct cell numbers to our referring
physicians. It means that we listen carefully to patients and their physicians and
provide a wealth of patient and physician education materials. And ultimately,
it means better care for your patients.
For Consultations and Referrals, call 610-378-1344.

Comprehensive Ophthalmology | Cataract Surgery
and Premium IOLs | Diabetic Retinopathy | Low
Vision | Macular Degeneration | Vitreo - Retinal
Surgery | Glaucoma Eye Care | Corneal Transplants
| Bladeless Custom LASIK | Laser Vision Correction |
Pediatric Ophthalmology and Optometry | Contact
Lenses | Cosmetic and Reconstructive Eyelid Surgery

Please tell us a little about your family and
the activities you enjoy outside of work.
I am married to my lovely wife, Karie,
who is a 4th grade teacher at
Spring Ridge Elementary school. We have a
wonderful daughter who is 8 years
old and in 2nd grade. We do enjoy outdoor
activities including skiing,
drone flying and mountain bike riding.

Wyomissing | Pottsville | Pottstown | Blandon

Name one thing about your practice / field
of medicine that you think all your patients
should know.
Neurovascular disease treatment can
be complicated and does require the
counsel of an expert. Patients should feel
empowered to seek out the counsel of a
provider that is trained in both minimally
invasive and traditional approaches to
neurovascular diseases.




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