BCMSMedicalRecordSpring2017 - 6

outgoing President's message
1824 - that's a long time ago; 193 years

Andrew Waxler, MD, FACC
Outgoing President




to be exact. As any card carrying member could
tell you this was the date our great society was
founded. We are the second oldest county medical
society in the state, and even older than our state
medical society! I say this to emphasize the great
lineage we share with the physicians of our past.
And like those who came before us our
current society remains at the forefront of medical
advancement and patient care here in Berks
County. Over the past several years, we have sent
a great number of our members into leadership
positions at the state level. During my periodic
visits to Harrisburg, I am frequently the recipient
of compliments about our Medical Society. In
an era of apathy, we should be proud of our
With this in mind, I can truly say that it has
been a great honor to be the Society's most recent
president. I am blessed to be able to follow in
the footsteps of great physician leaders, many of
whom have served as mentors for me (and some of
whom are in this room today). I am humbled.
The past 14 months have been very exciting;
with the help of T.J. Huckleberry, Betsy
Ostermiller, and our outstanding physician
leadership, I believe that we have accomplished a
great deal.
We completed our transition to a new office.
In order to minimize the likelihood of competing
with inclement weather, we moved the Installation
Brunch to March. For a variety of reasons, we
changed the president's term to two years.
We formed The Berks County Opioid Task
Force (subsequently renamed as the SubstanceAbuse Task Force) which was remarkable simply
because it unified the county physicians of several
different medical organizations to work as a team

to fight this devastating illness. Partnering with
the DA, the DEA, and the Reading Fightin' Phils,
we put together a successful drug take-back event
bringing in 1000 pounds of drugs. We organized
a great CME event which attracted almost 200
healthcare providers as guests and included top
state leadership as well as local experts among the
We have advocated both for our physicians
as well as for our patients. We have met with
our legislators on a regular basis to discuss the
issues that are important to both patients and
physicians. Two important health care bills which
are being debated in Harrisburg this session have
their roots right here in Berks County.
We have tried to give back to our physician
members with the new Compass Card. We have
significantly increased visibility - and hopefully
our influence - in the county in many different
ways. We have forged a good working relationship
with Reading Eagle and have created a new
BCTV show which compliments the pre-existing
outstanding WEEU Healthtalk radio show and
fantastic Medical Record quarterly magazine.
Through the diligent work of our great
finance committee, we have sought to approach a
balanced budget, and have created "sponsorship
packages" to organize and increase the value to our
wonderful sponsors.
I would like to thank both T.J. Huckleberry
as well as Betsy Ostermiller for their outstanding
work, advice, and friendship. In particular, let's
take a moment to congratulate Betsy on her
retirement, and wish her well in the future -
for all that she has done she certainly deserves
a wonderful retirement.
In closing, it is been my sincere privilege to
serve as your president, and I am proud to turn
over that office to Dr. Wilson and subsequently
Dr. Haas. While there are still many obstacles
and there is still much work to be done, I have no
doubt that they will be outstanding leaders, and
that our great medical society is in good hands.


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