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Pennsylvania's new ignition
interlock law became effective
on August 25, 2017 and
permits more offenders to
participate in the ignition
interlock program. Under this
program, eligible participants,
rather than totally losing
their ability to drive during a
suspension period, pay to have
an interlock system installed in
their vehicle. The cost is approximately $1,000 per vehicle per
year. PennDOT provides a list
of approved vendors for such
installation. An offender who
complies with the law's requirements receives a special driver's
license which contains a red
banner and the words "LIMITED
LICENSE" on its face. Such
license holders are prohibited
from operating any vehicle not
equipped with an interlock system.

A final sobering fact: recidivism
reduction lasts only as long as
the ignition interlock system
is installed in the vehicle.

Our first and best counsel to our
clients and friends alike -
don't drink and drive! 

ignition interlock. However,
the employer must be notified
of the offender's restricted
license and the offender must
carry proof of such notification
at all times while operating
the employer's vehicle. The
offender may not use the
employer-owned vehicle for
personal use and may not have
any ownership or control of an
employer entity. The employer-owned vehicle exception
does not apply to school
buses or vehicles designed to
transport more than 15 people.
* Family members and friends
of the offender may operate a
car with an ignition interlock
system. However, as drivers,
they will be required to breathe
into the device at all times
when prompted by the system.

* Every vehicle owned by the offender must have the
ignition interlock system installed. If the offender owns
more than one vehicle and does not want the system
installed in each vehicle, the ownership of those other
vehicles must be transferred.

Some of the highlights of the
ignition interlock law:
* The interlock system is leased from the vendor. The
driver is required to blow into the device to start the car
and also at certain intervals while driving.

* An application for an ignition interlock limited license
is made by petition filed with PennDOT on a form
provided by PennDOT on its website.

* The interlock system remains on the car for a
period of one year.

* The application fee for an ignition interlock limited
license is $65.

* Ignition interlock systems are required for certain
offenders. An offender will receive information regarding
the requirement in his or her license suspension or
revocation notice.

For more information, see PA Act 33 of 2016, 75 Pa. Stat.
and Cons. Stat. Ann. § 1556 and PennDOT's answers to
frequently asked questions on the topic at http://www.dmv.

* Those who cannot afford the ignition interlock system
may apply for a hardship exemption and the state will
pay for the installation of the device.

A final sobering fact: recidivism reduction lasts only as long
as the ignition interlock system is installed in the vehicle.
Once removed, recidivism rates return to their unacceptably
high levels. Our first and best counsel to our clients and
friends alike - don't drink and drive! 

* There is an exception for offenders who, in the course
and scope of their employment, drive an employer's
vehicle. The offender may drive the employer's vehicle
even though that vehicle is not equipped with an


FALL 2017

http://www.dmv.pa.gov/Pages/FAQ%20Pages/Ignition-Interlock-FAQ.aspx http://www.dmv.pa.gov/Pages/FAQ%20Pages/Ignition-Interlock-FAQ.aspx

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