Bucks Writs - Fall 2017 - 22

explaining all the dishes. Despite the
gastronomic breadth of the offerings,
they were very solicitous of being sure
there were neither food allergies nor
other objections to anything being
served. My wife did balk at some of
the items. Completely unfazed, the
waiter made a number of suggestions
for substitutions and they were all
great. The champagne, of course, was
gone by now so it was time to make
a decision on wine. We could have
had our choice of many different wines by the glass but
we elected to enjoy a bottle instead. Upon the sommelier's
suggestion, we chose an Alberino that was simply splendid.
It worked perfectly with the wide variety of foods we
enjoyed that afternoon.

Some dishes were memorable
for the presentation, some
for the taste, most for both.
Everything was enjoyable,
nothing disappointed.

U.S. Prepared perfectly as it
was by Club Allard, there is
no reason why Americans
wouldn't enjoy it.
Time for dessert! Three
courses! The Hungry Lawyer
and his wife rarely eat sweets at the end of a meal
but...when in Madrid, you know. And just because we
don't usually eat dessert doesn't mean we don't enjoy
dessert. These were spectacular, not just for their artistic
presentation but for their taste, as well. Fruits, sorbets,
and chocolate; look at the photos and just allow your
imagination to run wild. I assure you the reality was better.

Some dishes were memorable for the presentation, some
for the taste, most for both. Everything was enjoyable,
nothing disappointed. The smoked eel with rocoto and
white coconut is an example of the unusual combinations
that worked so well. The shot of butterfish and white
asparagus was unique. A "shot" glass that contained
a butter-based emulsion with fish and asparagus tastes
accompanied delicious morsels of butterfish. It was
served with a small piece of toast covered with caviar
and globules of olive oil made to look like eggs. My next
course was the quail egg and truffle cupcake. And a
cupcake is exactly what it looked like. After what turned
almost into an assault, I allowed my wife to have a small
taste. She rhapsodized on her first bite. The impact of the
truffles was perfect.

It was almost two and a half hours since we first sat down.
We were full. Our wine was all gone. A cup of cafe con
leche' and a complimentary Spanish sherry tied up the
luxurious threads of one of the most spectacular meals
we ever enjoyed. The presentation was like the Zifferelli
production of La Boheme. The plating was worthy of the
best contemporary artists. And each of the flavors danced
on our tongues in a joyous celebration. We didn't care that
the bill was only slightly less than a year's college tuition.
We had just had one of our best culinary experiences as a
couple. We enjoyed! 

The sea rice is actually bits of squid cut to perfectly mimic
the size of a granule of rice. Surprisingly, after so many
dishes from the sea, the last entre was wagyu picanha, a
form of kobe beef. The picanha is the sirloin cap from the
rump. It is very popular in Brazil, not so much here in the



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