Bucks Writs - Fall 2017 - 23

- By Chris Serpico

The hotel's location also afforded those who chose not
to play golf an opportunity to visit the Flight 93 National
Memorial in nearby Somerset County. My wife and I
decided to extend our stay in order to celebrate our
wedding anniversary by staying at the nearby Nemacolin
Resort. We used that extra day to fulfill a life-long desire
to tour Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural masterpiece,
"Fallingwater," and we
stopped at the Flight 93
Memorial on our return
trip home. Needless
to say, the Memorial
was extremely moving,
especially the audios of
cellphone messages which
several of the passengers
on the doomed flight
made to loved ones.
Incredibly sad.

Over one hundred
members of the Bar and their significant others, along
with twelve members of the Bench and assorted sponsors,
congregated to get a better insight into diverse areas of
the law; earn CLE credits; play golf at one of Pennsylvania's
most celebrated public courses; and enjoy the fellowship of
their colleagues.
BCBA Executive Director Stacey Mulholland was very
pleased with the way things turned out. She credits this
year's event co-planners, Bob Repko and Kevin Zlock,
with working zealously to make sure that everyone in
attendance got their money's worth. Featuring timely
and informative CLEs on such topics as: Confronting the
Opioid Epidemic; Third Party Custody; Capturing More
Time and Billing It Too; and nationally recognized political
pollster Terry Madonna's perspective on the current political
climate in Pennsylvania and in Washington, there was
more than enough to keep even the most discerning
attendee engaged.

For me, the highlight of the weekend was the chance to
play golf at the famous course, designed by A.W. Tillinghast
and Donald Ross. These two golf architects are among a
handful of the most acclaimed course designers in history,
and I only wish that I could report that we did their design
justice. But with apologies to my playing partners, Maureen
Serpico, Adrian Meyer,
and Melissa Bond, I will
have to admit that we
were lucky to finish
somewhat chastened,
but proud in the
knowledge that we
can all say we survived
to play another day.
Until next year's
Bench Bar in Hershey,
we will treasure the
memories of another
fine gathering of the Bucks
County Bench and Bar. 

Originally known for the medicinal value of the mineral
springs nearby, Bedford Springs Hotel is nationally
recognized and is on the Register of Historic Places. It has
hosted twelve American Presidents, ranging from Thomas
Jefferson to Ronald Reagan. For a time, it actually served
as the "Summer White House" for the only US President
born in Pennsylvania, James Buchanan, during his one term
in office from 1857 through 1861, immediately preceding
Abraham Lincoln.

FALL 2017

Brian W. Schaller

The Bucks County
Bar Association held
its annual Bench Bar
Conference this year
at the historic Bedford
Springs Hotel on
October 5th thru
October 7th, and I
was fortunate to have
attended with my
lovely wife, Maureen.


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