Bucks Writs - Fall 2017 - 6

From the Editor...
A Rite of Passage
Life is what happens to
you while you're busy
making other plans.
(John Lennon, "Beautiful Boy")
Time does have a way of moving
forward. Sometimes sideways,
but inevitably, forward. As
lawyers, we are often involved
in the life cycle events of our
clients. They marry (and divorce); they have children; they
get hired and fired; they plan for retirement. We can provide
beneficial legal services each step of the way. We sometimes
draw on our own experiences with these events and through
a combination of empathy and legal know-how, we give
value to our clients. We know that it is usually easier to give
advice than to follow - and it pays better too!

Over the years, my advice on so
many topics seemed to be ignored.
Procrastination was a way of life.
I nagged - yeech! Have I really
become that guy?
out the Cronkite name any more than the name of the
University, nor its unique location in a growing urban hub
(which recently surpassed Philadelphia as the fifth most
populous city). And the sports part; well, that indeed was
the ticket! The move itself was akin to a military operation:
certain items were shipped ahead of time, two suitcases of
mostly warm weather clothes came with, and Bed Bath and
Beyond and Target would supply the rest. We had planned
well and were excited.

I recently experienced a life cycle event of my own. The boy
born to suburban parents in the last millennium, a month
after Columbine and two years before 9/11, has somehow
grown and started college. As parents, our role is somewhat
narrowly focused for those intervening eighteen or so years:
teach, support, encourage, set a good example, and of
course, save up money for college! Create an environment
for his success, while allowing him to experience failure. In a
whirlwind of time, teaching my son to ride a bike gave way
to teaching him how to drive a car. One day, I could barely
fit my fingers in his little league glove, so when exactly was
it that he became taller than me?

Then the reality. Our flight was delayed. One of my son's
suitcases was lost by the airline! Forms were filled out as
time was wasting. Finally stepping outside the airport, the
107 degree heat smacked us in the heads. Undeterred,
we claimed our rental car and set off. We opened a bank
account, obtained his school ID and headed off to the
shopping areas. Our rental car was soon stuffed to the gills
with our belongings and essential purchases. We finally sat
down for a late lunch, but with the time difference, it felt like
dinner time and we were already spent. A few errands later,
we checked in to our hotel and a well-deserved shower. One
of Dad's final pieces of parental advice paid off: my son had
fortunately packed a change of clothes in our suitcase.

Over the years, my advice on so many topics seemed to
be ignored. Procrastination was a way of life. I nagged
- yeech! Have I really become that guy? Yet, SATs were
prepped for and taken. College applications were somehow
completed (one on the last possible day). Decisions came
in: some positive, some negative, and of course, one on the
dreaded wait list.
So eighteen years of well-intentioned but sometimes
flawed parenting somehow culminates in boarding an
early morning August flight to Phoenix, Arizona. Three
of us would fly west; only two would return. My son had
enrolled in the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism in the
downtown Phoenix campus of Arizona State University,
majoring in Sports Journalism. Although it is quite a
mouthful, each syllable is important. You can not leave

The tide soon turned. Just as we were dozing off to sleep,
the front desk called to inform us that the missing suitcase
had been delivered. Ahhh, sleep. Our alarms sounded at
first light, yet our scheduled six in the morning move-in
time seemed ideal. We were up and about prior to the
desert heat and ahead of the crowds. A well organized and
surprisingly peppy group of upperclassmen assisted the


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