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Introducing Jennifer Pierce as LASP's New Pro Bono Coordinator
The pro bono community
welcomes Jennifer Pierce as
Legal Aid of Southeastern
PA's new Bucks County Pro
Bono Coordinator. As a LASP
staff attorney for almost three
years, Jennifer practices family
law out of LASP's Doylestown
office. Her main focus is representing parents in Juvenile Court
dependency matters. Jennifer
also manages the custody clinics that are located in LASP's
Doylestown and Bristol offices and advises walk-in clients
seeking Protection from Abuse orders.

our pro bono attorneys have on the situations of our
clients. We're lucky to have so many attorneys who
continually volunteer their time year after year. If it weren't
for our volunteers, Legal Aid would not be in a position to
help many of our clients. I look forward to partnering with
new and tenured attorneys to continue to build the pro
bono community in Bucks County."
Pierce is a member of the Bucks County chapter of the
American Inns of Court and sits on the advisory committee
of the Bucks County Bar Association's Young Lawyers
Division. Jennifer is a Temple Law graduate and attended
Bucknell University, where she was captain of the track
and field team. She enjoys running in her spare time and
completed the Boston Marathon in 2016. She recently got
married and lives with her husband, Andy, and dog, Charlie.

"I am so excited to work with the pro bono community in
Bucks County," Pierce said. "There's been an established
tradition here of attorneys volunteering their valuable
time to meet the civil legal needs of our most vulnerable
neighbors. I've witnessed first-hand the positive impact

To learn more about pro bono opportunities in Bucks
County, Ms. Pierce can be reached at jpierce@lasp.org or
215-340-1818 x205.

about to bubble to the surface as the Dean began his
remarks. He spoke confidently and hit all the right notes.
The incoming class of 251 journalism students was the first
to have more attending from out of state than in state.
The facilities are state of the art. Internship opportunities
abound. The questions the students asked him downstairs
proved that they were the best freshman class he's ever had
and were destined for great things. After a rousing applause
- which seemed like an emotional release - we heard
from the "Director of Student Success" (yes, that what it
says on her business card!), and she further put us at ease.

The excitement and exhaustion
soon ebbed, allowing room for a
little apprehension to creep in. Sure,
we can help make his bed and hang
posters, but soon we will be gone
and he remains.
newbies. We were soon fourteen stories up in a freshman
dorm tower, unpacking and organizing. And, of course, we
made one more final trip to Target.

It seemed like we had made more good decisions then bad,
and the future indeed looked promising.

The excitement and exhaustion soon ebbed, allowing room
for a little apprehension to creep in. Sure, we can help
make his bed and hang posters, but soon we will be gone
and he remains. How will he manage his time without us?
Will he make good decisions? Will he make friends? Will he
survive this unbearable heat!?!

And that's the way it is. 

-Scott L. Feldman

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The final step was orientation. The students were ushered
into the "First Amendment Forum" while the parents were
separated to an event space three floors up. The Dads
looked stoic; the Mothers looked pale; the younger siblings
looks bored. Nervous laughter was heard. Emotions were

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