Bucks Writs - Fall 2019 - 4

President's Message
Dear Friends:

Thank you for allowing me to
serve as your President. I can
never fully express how truly
grateful I am to have had this
opportunity, and how truly
humble I am by the trust you
placed in me to lead such a
wonderful organization..

As you know, my term as
President of the BCBA is quickly
coming to an end. I can hardly
believe how fast this year
has passed. It seems like only
yesterday I stood before all of
you at the annual meeting and
began my tenure. But now it's
almost over and, as with all
things that come to an end,
Robert Repko
it brings with it moments of
Bucks County Bar
reflection - an opportunity
Association President
to look back on our journey
together and a reminder that
my most important, and final, message to all of you is
simply "Thank You!"

we have truly had some exciting accomplishments. We
established a Diversity Committee and an In-House and
General Counsel Section to further compliment the
numerous and various groups within the Association.
This also now gives our members more options to
collaborate with attorneys who share similar backgrounds
or practice areas, as well as a voice to many members of
our Association who may have felt that theirs was never
heard. We have continued to offer new and exciting
CLE's, as well as increase our library of online CLE's for
you to earn credits at your convenience. We have sought,
and received, the ability of our Pro Bono PFA Defense
lawyers to earn valuable CLE credits for their service to PFA
litigants. We are launching a pro bono Landlord-Tenant
program to help lower income families facing eviction in
Bucks County. We are finally on the verge of completing
some much-needed repairs to our Association building,
many of which were started four years ago during my first
term as Treasurer. We have expanded and improved our
"Bridge the Gap" program for new attorneys starting their
legal careers in Pennsylvania. We completed our member
composite photo, which will be unveiled at the upcoming
annual dinner. We enjoyed comedians together at the
Opening of Assizes; we had a successful and engaging
Plebiscite and Candidates Night for our fellow Association
members seeking to become Judges of the Bucks County
Court of Common Pleas; we had an amazing presentation
at this year's Women's Power Summit; we are working
on bringing back the People's Law School in 2020; we
re-started our mentoring program for our "seasoned"
lawyers to help guide our new lawyers through the
practice of law; we came together to celebrate our Federal
Courts and watch several Bucks County lawyers be
admitted to the Eastern District of Pennsylvania; we had

Thank you for allowing me to serve as your President.
I can never fully express how truly grateful I am to have
had this opportunity, and how truly humble I am by the
trust you placed in me to lead such a wonderful organization. We are made up of over 840 of the best lawyers
in Pennsylvania and to have had the opportunity to lead
you over the past year was an amazing experience that I
will never forget.
Thank you for welcoming me into your sections,
committees and divisions. Although we may not have had
similar backgrounds or law practices, you still welcomed
me readily and your warm, sincere and often jovial
reception was very much appreciated. As a matter of fact,
I can honestly say that the best part of being President
this past year was meeting so many of you who I had
never met before simply because we do not practice
in similar areas of the law, or are not members of the
same Association groups. Whether it was at meetings
for sections like Worker's Comp or Intellectual Property,
events sponsored by the Women's Law or Young Lawyer
Divisions, or even at one of our community service
activities, I am grateful for the time we spent together and
am glad to have been able meet so many of you that I
now call friends.
I want to also thank all of you for working with me to
achieve so many great things throughout the year, for



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