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These various free, fundraiser or low cost livestreams
continue. On October 16 through October 18, NIVA
streamed the Save Our Stages Virtual Music Festival on
YouTube to raise money for their emergency relief fund.
More than 35 artists, including Miley Cyrus, Foo Fighters,
Reba McEntire, The Roots and Dave Matthews, contributed
exclusive performances, which were recorded live in various
independent concert venues across the U.S.

Of course, there are cynics who correctly assumed that
despite these broad and heroic efforts, Congress would be
slow to address the live music industry's concerns. As of this
writing, the concert business is among several industries
whose financial difficulties remain and are unlikely to be
resolved any time soon.
And yet, the music never stopped. Many popular heritage
acts, think everyone from Elton John to Widespread
Panic, made certain archival concerts available on multiple
livestream platforms, such as YouTube. Fans could gather
around their big screen in the safety and serenity of their
own homes, and enjoy their favorite artists. Other smaller
and regional acts perform free live sets on Facebook, and
accept donations. On May 29, Boston favorites Dropkick
Murphys performed a free livestream concert from their
beloved Fenway Park with no fans in attendance. Theirs
was a benefit performance, accepting donations for Habitat
for Humanity and other worthy causes. Still other artists
recorded and/or performed live shows for their internet fans
and charged modest pay per view fees.

Live concerts returned as well, sort of. Although the
aforesaid independent theaters and venues have been left
out in the cold, paying fans have been welcomed into the
cold. As Summer gave way to Fall, the live music industry
figured out that outdoor socially distanced shows could
be the ticket. Thus, the Drive In concert was born. In our
area, the first such shows were held in the parking lot of
Citizens Bank Park. Tickets - in three price tiers - were
sold per car, rather than per person. Although the band (or
comedian) indeed performed live on a stage, there was no
P.A. system. Rather, the music was streamed into your car's
FM stereo. Likewise, attendees were generally required to

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Bucks Writs - Fall 2020

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