Bucks Writs - Fall 2021 - 10

Advice for those new to the legal profession!
If you could send a message to yourself back when you first became an
attorney, what one piece of advice would you give to yourself? Our members
offer their perspective for those considering or are new to the legal profession.
Many members encouraged those new to the profession to ensure they
are in it for the right reasons and had their eyes open to the realities
of the profession, finding the right practice area, and building a new
career. Of course, there is a lot of advice on client interactions, court
room behavior, and building relationships with others in the profession.
In addition to the advice focused on the profession there is also the
ever-present focus on Work-Life Balance to ensure a new professional
enjoys what they are doing and keeps some focus on their family and
friends outside of their professional life.
And our members are always full of candor. While the profession has
been fulfilling to a super-majority, there are some who provide warnings
to really, really, really make sure that the legal profession is the right path.
The reasons you are in the
profession in the first place
Don't follow the money .
- J. Davy Yockey, Esq
Always stay true to yourself . Be authentic .
And be the best version of yourself
that you can be .
- Matthew D. Weintraub, Esq,
Bucks County District Attorney
Follow your passion and enjoy the ride .
This profession can be whatever you want
it to be - that is the beauty of it . But,
that being said, so many new graduates
fall into the path of what they believe
they " should " do - clerk/intern, then
big law, where they often stay... thinking
they are set up . What I have learned is,
that this is not the path for everyone .
Success comes in many shapes and sizes,
and must include a balance of working on
what you love on the one hand and life on
the other . Once you learn that, and find
it, you will find fulfillment and ultimately
success will follow .
- Christina M. Reger, Esq,
Law Offices of Christina Reger, LLC
Practicing law is not like you see on tv and
neither are the clients .
- Nancy J. Harrold, Esq,
Law Offices of Jennifer Courtney, P.C.
Take heart . One day, over ten years from
now, your loans will be paid... down to
half of their current enormity .
- Nicole J. O'Hara, Esq,
Semanoff Ormsby
Greenberg & Torchia, LLC
Finding the right practice area
and growing in that area
Working in areas of the law that you may
not have an interest in will make you a
stronger lawyer, and you may find that you
actually like that discipline .
- Tina Mazaheri, Esq
Try as many different kinds of types of law
that you can - you never know where you
will find something you really enjoy .
- Julie D. Goldstein, Esq,
Fox Rothschild LLP
My one message would be to
specialize and develop expertise in a
single area of law .
- John Kazary, Esq
I supposed I'd like to tell myself to ask
every question I have, regardless of
whether it sounds idiotic or not .
- Melanie J. Wender, Esq,
Antheil Maslow & MacMinn, LLP
Don't tie yourself to one single partner or
department . Try everything until you are
satisfied . If for some reason that partner
you are working with decides to leave the
firm to go elsewhere, don't automatically
decide to leave with him or her . You
might be better off staying where you are
and starting anew . After all, you decided
to join that firm before you even knew
that one partner .
- Jill Manuel-Coughlin, Esq,
Powers Kirn, LLC
I would tell myself to plan on having
partners or associates heading into
retirement age . I regret being a solo
practitioner now .
- Joseph J. Marinaro, Esq
Importance of Networking
As you learn something legally interesting,
if you share with others (lawyers, www,
other soccer parents) they will know you
are a sharp, enthusiastic and generous
lawyer; this may attract the legal
business you enjoy .
- Mary Cushing Doherty, Esq,
High Swartz
1 . Network . Network . Network! Join Bar
committees, discuss cases with other
attorneys, join attorney group chats
and forums . Do all of this early in your
career . And 2 . Force yourself to take those
challenging cases and ask for assistance
along the way . It will help you grow as an
individual and as an attorney!
- Ms. God-Is C. Ike, Esq,
Legal Aid of Southeastern Pennsylvania

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