Bucks Writs - Spring 2017 - 23

read a few years ago that new management had taken over
and had grand plans for Barley Sheaf's restoration. And
then one day not too long ago, the Hungry Lawyer got his
ticket to legitimately enter the grounds. Always in search
of a dining bargain, yours truly came across a Groupon for
the restaurant at Barley Sheaf. Now I must say to all you
other bargain hunting readers, "Too Bad!", because it is
impossible to imagine that this fine BYOB will ever again
need to offer a Groupon incentive to attract devotees
of fine dining.

The approach ends
at a large, pavered
courtyard in the
center of which is a
dramatic fountain.
Arrive early to walk
the grounds before
you eat. Barley Sheaf
is definitely one of
the most beautiful
and romantic venues
in Bucks County.

It is a good thing for us that I generally buy two Groupons
for a restaurant. If the restaurant is great, the advantage
is obvious. And if it's bad, I'm willing to give it another
chance. Because of the latter, we returned to Barley
Sheaf after a very mediocre first meal. The second meal
was glorious and on multiple visits since we and our
guests have never
"Our favorite tables
been disappointed.
Barley Sheaf offers
a beautiful visual
experience as well.
From Route 202 you
turn into the long,
stately driveway,
especially stunning
after dark because of
the up lighting of the
trees along the way.

Inside the farmhouse
you can relax in the
living room enjoying
the artifacts before
you are shown to your
table in the dining area.
Located in an enclosed
porch-like area with an
open kitchen is their
beautiful and intimate dining room. There is a smaller room
to the left as you enter the dining area. We avoid this room
as it is a bit dark and confining but the privacy it provides
can be just right for certain moments, or certain diners.
Our favorite tables are those across from the open kitchen
that allow us to enjoy the magnificent views through the
picture windows as well as watch the kitchen staff prepare
the meals. An expansion is planned but currently there is
no "bad" table and from what we understand that won't
change. When warm enough, al fresco dining is available.

are those across from
the open kitchen that
allow us to enjoy the
magnificent views
through the picture
windows as well as
watch the kitchen staff
prepare the meals."

Our most recent visit was a romantic impromptu, just
because we were fortunate to get a last minute reservation.
Do not count on this happening for you, especially on
a weekend. The table was beautifully set. Our server,
Rachelle, promptly greeted us and exuded just the right
combination of warmth and professionalism; she was quick
with the wine glasses and showed us she knew what she
was doing. A small basket of
homemade crunchy bread
Josh Homacki
and a dish of deliciously
is the young
seasoned olive oil with a garlic
executive chef. He clove garnish were provided.
has an excellent
After an appropriate amount
resume and it
of time to take a few sips of
shows. Check the wine and discuss the menu,
menu on-line as it we were ready to order.

changes often.

My lovely bride began her
meal with the beet and


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