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Bucks County Bar Association's "Mediation Moments" Takes Home PBA Award
Lancaster, PA: The Bucks County Bar Association (BCBA)
received the 2018 County Bar Recognition Award presented
by the Pennsylvania Bar Association and its Conference of
County Bar Leaders for "Mediation Moments," a project of
the Alternate Dispute Resolution Committee.

parties in resolving their dispute. In
addition to the videos, more details
on mediation and the complete list
of Bucks County Bar Association
Mediators Recommended for
Placement on List of Bucks County
Court of Common Pleas, Mediation
Program, Approved Attorneys, can
be found by visiting

Georgeann R. Fusco, Chair of the Alternate Dispute
Resolution Committee, BCBA, led the effort to highlight
mediation as a resource available to attorneys and the
public for resolving disagreements. "We are proud of the
recognition of Mediation Moments for bringing attention
to mediation as a valuable option in resolving civil and
family matters," stated Georgeann R. Fusco. Ms. Fusco
added, "Mediation Moments are short videos, found on
the Bucks County Bar Association website, which speak
to the basics of the mediation
process." Mediation is the
voluntary meeting of the
parties to a legal dispute with
a neutral lawyer who has
been trained in the mediation
process, and who assists the

The mission of the BCBA is to promote and support
programs, organizations, and individuals throughout Bucks
County who are engaged in activities designed to foster
respect for the rule of law, the advancement of rights,
liberties and protections under the law as well as activities
which have as a principal purpose the advancement of
social justice for the individuals, families and communities
of Bucks County. For the community, the BCBA serves as a
resource offering education, legal assistance and financial
resources for community members demonstrating need. 

We Welcome Your Feedback!

I could not be sadder with regard to
the recent events at Marjory Stoneham
Douglas High School, or with the
scourge of gun violence generally, but
I could not be prouder of the reaction of
so many of its students.

Thanks for your interest in theWRITS.
Please send all comments, questions,
submissions to: WritsEditor@BucksBar.org.

Need a Lawyer?

a shooting on campus during school hours. Utilizing the
communication tools of the day, the MSD students successfully took a local tragedy and made it a national crusade. On
March 24, young people turned out in Washington, D.C.,
in numerous cities throughout the country and across the
globe, and right here in Doylestown, to March for Our Lives.
(One local attendee shares his experience elsewhere in this
issue.) The leaders effectively connected with other students,
organizations and the media. The messaging seemed
straightforward: Vote for change.

Welcome to the Bucks County Bar Association's
Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS)
serving all of Bucks County. The LRIS is a public service
of the non-profit Bucks County Bar Association. Each
year the LRIS responds to thousands of callers, referring
them to attorneys with experience in the appropriate area
of law or to area agencies able to provide assistance.
Persons identified as needing legal representation and who
do not claim inability to pay an attorney will be referred
by LRIS to a participating attorney. LRIS participation
is open to all Bucks County Bar Association members
having their primary office in Bucks County. You can
contact the LRIS at 215-348-9413. 

I was impressed with one of the organizer's comment the
next day that this is not a sprint, but a marathon. Change
always is. Once again, youth has led, and we would be
wise to follow. 

-Scott L. Feldman



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