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BUCKS COUNTY, located at 2875 York Road in

Jamison, is a private, non-profit organization affiliated with the
national organization of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.
Originally, Big Brothers and Big Sisters operated separately in
Bucks County. Big Brothers was formed in 1963 by a group
of concerned educators from the Centennial School District,
and Aid for Girls was established in 1971 by the Doylestown
branch of the American Association of University Women. Aid
for Girls became Big Sisters in 1974, and Big Sisters and Big
Brothers merged into one organization in 1987.
The goal of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bucks County has
never changed. It is for all children to achieve success in
life. And what most residents of Bucks County don't realize
is that there are many children throughout the County
who need help in achieving that success. Big Brothers Big
Sisters of Bucks County knows that every child is born with
potential. Unfortunately, many children face socioeconomic
risk factors or have experienced trauma, making them
more likely to develop academic, behavioral or emotional
issues. The agency's programs match volunteer mentors
with children who need extra support. At Big Brothers Big
Sisters, mentoring is not about "saving" children. It's about
igniting, empowering and defending their potential.
These are the programs offered by Big Brothers Big Sisters
of Bucks County:
* In the Community Mentoring program, Littles are given
quality one-to-one time, twice per month, with a caring
adult who is willing to listen and engage the Little in a
variety of activities in the community. The average age of
the Littles is 12, and the average age of the Bigs is 44.
* The Hispanic Initiative matches children of Hispanic heritage
with adult role models. The goal of the program is to help
American-Latino children embrace their ethnic identities
while also building relationships within the community.
* In the STEM School Mentoring program, students in grades
K-12th are matched with volunteers who visit their Littles
weekly at their schools for an hour. BBBSBC provides a bin
filled with STEM-focused games & activities for the matches
to use, to help build the students' interest and skills in
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
* In the High School Bigs program, outstanding high
school students are matched as mentors to elementary
school students in their district. The High School Bigs
and their Littles meet weekly at the elementary school.

The high school students receive leadership education
and training and experience the value of community
service. The younger students benefit from having role
models who encourage and inspire them.
* In the "BLAST" (Bigs & Littles Autism Support Team)
program, two specially-trained High School Bigs are
matched with one elementary-aged Little who has
been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
BBBSBC staff provides training, support and coaching to
the High School Bigs, specific to meeting the needs of
children with ASD. This program takes place in Goodnoe
Elementary School in the Council Rock School District.


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