Bucks Writs - Spring 2019 - 4

President's Message
My Fellow Bar Members:

Robert Repko
Bucks County Bar
Association President

It's hard to believe how fast
this year is moving. It's already
Spring, Easter and Passover are
on their way, and the weather
is (finally) nice as I sit down to
type this. It reminds me how
grateful I am for this time of
year and the new beginnings
and hope it brings. As President
of the Bar Association, it's
also a great reminder of the
things we have accomplished
so far in 2019 and the exciting
events and opportunities
we have scheduled over
the coming months.

As a matter of fact, we received so
many donations that, even after
we filled those backpacks, we
were still able to give the Bucks
County Opportunity Council a
significant number of items to
distribute to the homeless at
their shelter.
thank all of you for your support of these events, and I also
want to express my thanks to our BCBA staff who help make
all of this happen. There is no doubt many will appreciate
what we have done together, and we still have more to come.
Next month we will be Bowling for Kids Sake at
Thunderbird Lanes in Warminster on May 16 to help raise
money for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Bucks County,
where we will also have a little fun engaging in some
friendly competition between the teams our sections,
divisions and committees put together; on June 22 we
will be helping Bucks County "Knock out Hunger" by
assembling food packages for use in local food pantries;
there is always our ongoing commitment to helping our
veterans and others with Wills for Heroes; and in August
we will be looking to help provide much needed school
supplies to less fortunate children in Bucks County. So
please make it a point to come out and get involved in
one or all of these great opportunities to give back.

As you know by now, I am committed to community
service. I value what we contribute to the communities
in which we live and work as both individuals and as an
Association. That is why I am humbled by the outpouring
of support, and the success, of our first community
service event in March - Backpacks for the Homeless. On
Saturday, March 9th, over 40 bar association members
and their families converged on the Bar Association to put
backpacks together for the homeless. It was awesome to
see how many people came out to support this cause, and
even more amazing to see the sheer number of donations
we received from our members for those less fortunate in
our community. Because of your generosity and support,
we were able to put together over 75 backpacks full of
much needed items that many of us take for granted
everyday - toothpaste, toothbrushes, socks (lots of socks),
laundry detergent, hair-ties, combs, brushes and more.
As a matter of fact, we received so many donations that,
even after we filled those backpacks, we were still able to
give the Bucks County Opportunity Council a significant
number of items to distribute to the homeless at their
shelter. I, for one, was truly grateful for your generosity
and for the knowledge that we, as an organization, made
a huge difference in the lives of many.

Of course, and while it is great to help those around us, the
Bar Association is first and foremost dedicated to our members
and the advancement of the legal practice in Bucks County. As
a result, we have continued to work hard in expanding, and
sometimes creating, even more benefits and value for your
membership. For example, we have added more businesses
who are now offering discounts to BCBA members, the list
for which can be found on the BCBA website or by following
the link that is included in most BCBA email "blasts" you
receive. Our Women Lawyers Division has restarted our
mentoring program, which I encourage all of you (both
new and "seasoned" lawyers) to get involved in. Our Family
Law Section coordinated a training program through Good
Shepherd Mediation Services to help train people to serve in
the newly created role of court appointed Parent Coordinators.

Our BCBA blood drive a few weeks ago was also an incredible
success. So many members came out that we filled almost
every appointment slot available, which is a remarkable
achievement and is one more reminder of how much our
members do, and are willing to do, for our neighbors. So I


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