Bucks Writs - Spring 2021 - 15

Like Being a Kid Again
By Lawrence R. Scheetz, Jr.


his past year has been extremely difficult

for so many of us in the legal field. The
pandemic has affected so many of our livelihoods, health,
family relationships and trust in one another. I found that
my lack of control over where I could go, when I could
work, and how I was permitted to spend my free time, to
be extremely challenging to my overall mental health and
wellness. I found that working from my " home office "
meant I could be working 24/7 and often times felt like I
was literally never out of the office.

I worked hard at finding the right schedule and creating
numerous " To Do Lists " for the sake of trying to gain
order and control. However, as the lack of exercise, poor
nutrition and extra family time continued month after
month, I realized I needed to do more of the things that
brought me joy and overall wellness... and then I needed
to create time for those things.
I soon realized that participating in athletic activities with
my family was what brought me the most joy and helped
me separate from my " home office. " I realized that the
only way I was comfortable without my phone, iPad or
computer by my side was when I was " playing. " The
adventure, laughter, fresh air and camaraderie with my
twin six-year-old children and wife was my best stress relief.
This past year we biked around Lake Galena at least once
a week in the spring; kayaked and paddle boarded on the
weekends in the summer; hiked, golfed and fished in the
fall; and skied many weekends in the winter.
After identifying my best form of stress relief, I no longer
felt trapped indoors or stuck in the " home office, " instead I
felt lucky to be able to make the time to teach my children
how to bike, paddle board, golf and ski and grateful that
they taught me how to play again. 
As the BCBA focuses on wellness in 2021, the Member
Services Committee will be sharing stories of how our
members integrate wellness practices into their already busy
lives. We hope these stories will inspire you with new ideas
and offer encouragement as you pursue wellness in your
own life. If you have an interesting wellness practice you'd
like to share in a future column, please email Erin Aronson at



Bucks Writs - Spring 2021

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