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What Are You Doing to Get Your
Clients Back in Your Practice, Safely?
Harden your defense against life and workplace disruptions
caused by surface and airborne contaminants and diseases...

If a healthy workforce and an environmentally safe workspace
is an integral part of your company's success, you need to have
a plan in place to support that commitment, and SelfCertify
WORKX may be your answer. SelfCertify WORKX is the only
turnkey workplace wellness program designed to minimize
the unmitigated spread of virus related infections.
SelfCertify is a member-based wellness enterprise that strives
to put the responsibility to manage one's health in the hands of
individuals and businesses. Committed to better health through
education and access, we supply members with safe EPA and
FSA industry approved health, wellness and environmental
products, programs and services designed to provide early
detection and minimize the transmission of diseases and
contaminants that impact daily health and lifestyles.
SelfCertify WORKX is our return-to-work program guaranteed
to keep your workplace and workforce at the safest levels
for full-scale operation. SelfCertify WORKX supports an
environmentally-friendly, health-safe workplace, with access
to medical support, FDA-approved testing and diagnostics
products and programs, and world-class air and surface
sanitizing protocols, to get your employees back to work, and
keep them working, safely.

Better Health Through Education and Access

SelfCertify WORKX is a flexible program developed to give you
the tools and programs to successfully manage and monitor a
healthy workplace for employees and customers. SelfCertify
WORKX is an affordable solution that can be modified to fit
your specific workplace and budget needs.
Become a SelfCertify Business to let your customers and
employees know your company, store, restaurant or office is a
safe and welcoming place to do business...

SelfCertify WORKX, the only turnkey workplace wellness
program designed to minimize the unmitigated spread of
virus-related infections.

Self Certify WORKX Program



Annual Self Certify Membership
Environmentally-Friendly Surface & Air Sanitizer/
Purification Plan, Products & Tools
- EPA/NSF Surface Disinfectant Sanitizers
- Air Purifiers with ActivePureTM Technology
At-Home Personal Testing Health Kits
- Antibody Testing Kits & Protocols
- PCR (saliva) Tests & Protocols
Access to Digital Health Tools & Programs
Access to Telehealth Support
Access to On-site Health Support
Access to approved PPEs, and workplace and
employee wellness tests and products

Contact Matthew@SelfCertify.com


Bucks Writs - Spring 2021

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