Bucks Writs - Spring 2021 - 4

President's Message
My Fellow Members
of the Bar:

Sean Gresh
Bucks County Bar
Association President

outside the practice of law. As I have said many times
before, our Bar Association is first and foremost a member
service organization. As many of you know, a portion of
my practice deals with healthcare. The last several months
have seen each of us display a heightened concern for our
physical health as well as our mental well-being.

When you stop to think about
it, a lot can happen in 138
years. When our Bar Association
was founded in 1883, I am
sure that the thoughts of its
founding members ran toward
some challenges that none of
us would really understand.
Who will run against President
Arthur next year? When will
Doylestown get some of those
fancy electric streetlights?
Where can I park my horse?

As I have said many times before,
our Bar Association is first and
foremost a member service
I am excited to announce the creation of the Bucks County
Bar Association Wellness Program. As we roll out this
program for you over the next few months you can expect
to see some new and exciting programming, including CLEs
dealing with topics like stress management, mindfulness,
and civility in the practice of law. You will also learn about
some new partnerships which will allow our members to
receive significant discounts on things like online exercise
programming. I have received a lot of very enthusiastic
feedback from members who are looking forward to this
program. I can't wait to get it started.

Regardless, I am sure that the founders of the BCBA
also had many of the same concerns that each of us
have. Will my client go to jail? Will the jury believe the
Plaintiff? Will the buyer sign this agreement? To some
extent, the concerns of lawyers and the solutions to those
concerns never change.
As we have seen over the last year, some of our concerns
are less common than others. COVID-19 has changed so
much about our world. During the pandemic, we have
used the Bar Association as a conduit between practitioners and the Courts, keeping you appraised of the
latest news and information concerning the closures,
precautions, and procedures that practitioners need to
know about to continue providing access to justice during a
public health crisis.

I am looking forward to seeing you all (hopefully) at some of
our exciting upcoming in-person events, including the Bench
Bar Conference at Crystal Springs in Hamburg, NJ from
September 23-25, and the Golf Outing in June to benefit
the wonderful work of our Bucks County Bar Foundation.
The BCBA has been here for the lawyers of Bucks County
through 26 US Presidents, 2 World Wars, and 2 global
influenza pandemics. Our tradition of service remains the
same. I am proud to continue that tradition of diligent
service to our over 800 members. 

We have relied upon the Bar Association to adapt to the
times and continue providing us with valuable and safe CLEs.
Sometimes, we have utilized the Bar Association as a means
of continuing socialization with our peers, because we all
need to know that others are feeling the same way we are.
The feedback we have received for all of our programming
during the last 12 months has been overwhelmingly positive.
I credit this success to my predecessor, Dan Keane, who
met the pandemic and its challenges with diligence and
hard work, and to the staff of the Bar Association for their
continued dedication to serving the needs of our members.

- Sean Gresh
Bucks County Bar
Association President

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In preparing for my upcoming year as the 81st president
of the Bucks County Bar Association, I began thinking of
what our Bar Association can do to help our members


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