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2017 Bucks County Bar Foundation Scholarship Recipients
The Bucks County Bar Foundation, the charitable arm of the Bucks County
Bar Association, recently held a reception to honor the 2017 recipients of the
Thomas E. Mellon, Jr. Scholarship Fund and the William Penn Scholarship Fund.
The Foundation holds events throughout the year in support of these
scholarship funds, including the St. Patrick's Day party and the recent Golf
Outing at Commonwealth National Golf Club. The scholarships are awarded
to Bucks County residents pursuing a career in law or a related field.
Eligibility requirements include a record of academic excellence and a strong
commitment to public service.
Specifically, the Thomas E. Mellon, Jr. Scholarship Fund provides scholarships
to candidates attending a four-year liberal arts education program who
have shown extraordinary commitment to public and/or community service.
Applicants for the Thomas E. Mellon, Jr. Scholarship must demonstrate
academic excellence, financial need, Bucks County residency and the potential
for making a contribution to society and/or the legal profession, either through
anticipated legal study or other efforts as discussed in the applicant's essay
and evidenced by the applicant's recommendations or a history of extraordinary commitment to public service or community service.

Bryson, a recent graduate of Pennridge High School and Upper Bucks County
Technical School. Each scholarship winner was awarded a $1,000 scholarship.
These scholarships are only possible through the outstanding ongoing efforts
of the members of the Foundation, our Association and our staff. Thank you to
all for contributing to the Foundation and please consider the Foundation in
your future charitable endeavors.

The William Penn Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to applicants demonstrating academic excellence, wide ranging extracurricular activities, leadership,
dedicated community service and an interest in and intent to pursue a career in
law or a law related field.

The mission of the Bar Foundation, consistent with its charter and as a 501(c)
(3) charitable entity, is to promote and support programs, organizations, and
individuals throughout Bucks County who are engaged in activities designed
to foster respect for the rule of law, the advancement of rights, liberties and
protections under the law, as well as activities which have as a principal
purpose the advancement of social justice for the individuals, families and
communities of Bucks County. 

This year's recipients of the Mellon Scholarship Fund were: Olivia Cantrell, a
recent Central Bucks West graduate who will be attending George Washington
University this Fall, Olivia Tempesta, also a recent C.B. West graduate who
will be attending Temple University, Tyler School of Art. and Rhiannon Gilley, a
recent Quakertown Community High School graduate who will be attending
Penn State in the Fall. The recipient of the Penn Scholarship Fund was Mariah

Tina Mazaheri, President
Bucks County Bar Foundation

In the
John Grisham
Book Signing

Clockwise from bottom left:
Writs Editor, Scott Feldman, and wife,
Julie, meet the Author;
Past BCBA President, Joanne Murray, and
mother-in-law, Dr. Mary Lou Goldberg;

June 29, 2017

Authors Lisa Scottoline and John Grisham
address the crowd.




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