Bucks Writs - Summer 2017 - 27

- by Nancy Larkin Taylor

Past the storage units, the used car dealers, the Walmart's,
the CVS's, the pawn shops and the outlet centers towards
the middle of the Sunshine state on this late Spring
Saturday was the Okeechobee Rodeo. It was a gorgeous
day with bright blue skies no clouds, a nice breeze, warm
but not hot. I had secured two Groupons, which included
hot dogs and four beers.

boots, jeans, a heavy belt, a cowboy shirt and chaps. Many
spitting tobacco. Walking to claim my beer I saw many
men backstage with arms in slings, necks in collar boards,
walking casts. There should be an Emergency Room on site.
No one wore a helmet.
The emcee on a lovely white horse ran a constant corny
banter with the clown in the Corrs barrel. Afterwards the
bevy of Cowgirl beauties sat at a table signing autographs
and posing for pictures for the little cowgirl wannabees.
"I wanna be a cowboy," said a little boy, "I want
to be a man."

We parked and settled into the stands, right behind the
corrals. Three hours later, we had seen a real western
extravaganza. It started with the mini muffins, a dozen or
so five year olds who rode sheep for four or so seconds.
Most of them, girls too, wore cowboy hats and little leather
chaps. They ran to their moms after they were thrown off,
as proud as could be.
The local state representative gave a pep talk, ten Junior
Misses rode horses around the ring as fast as they could,
in gem colored fringed cowboy blouses and white hats,
carrying huge flags. The crowd was primed.

Neil A. Morris

The first cowboys chased calves with lassos, jumped off
their horses, flipped the animals over and quickly tied three
of its feet with a rope, jumped up, threw their hands in the
air and waited for the cheer. 11 seconds, 16, seconds, the
winner was 9.8 seconds. They made it look easy.

Principal | Philadelphia Office
Neil A. Morris, Chair of the Philadelphia
area labor group at Offit Kurman, has
passionately practiced commercial litigation and
management side labor and employment law
for the last 30 years. He has represented a wide
range of businesses, large and small in the
Bucks County and Philadelphia courts as well
as throughout Pennsylvania and the Country.
Morris has served as labor counsel for more
than 35 Pennsylvania Townships and Boroughs
as well as the County of Bucks. He is often
brought into municipalities and businesses to
handle "crisis" situations involving employees
and management. In 1999, he achieved the
highest defamation jury award in Pennsylvania for a business client.

Next were the lady barrel runners. The crowd gasped as one
horse and its rider fell over, and many barrels hit the dust.
After all, we were there to see a disaster between man and
beast but we knew man would triumph.
Finally, the bull riders. These are crazy folks. They poke the
genitals of these beasts, purposely making them angry as they
try to sit on their necks for as long as possible. Few stayed
on more than three seconds. After the riders crashed to the
ground, they ran for their lives to get out of the way of the
charging bulls. Enter the clown. A daredevil among daredevils.

PRACTICE AREAS: Labor & Employment Law, Municipal Labor Law,
Employment Discrimination, Defamation Defense, Business Litigation
See his full bio at www.offitkurman.com. If you or your client have
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Offit Kurman, P.A.

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Men from Nevada, Montana, Kissimmee, Calvary, Texas
and many from Florida all wearing the same uniform,



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