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hrough new PA Supreme Court pilot project,

the program is based on hours of service, LASP can provide
CLE credits not just to volunteers who take cases, but also
volunteers who help with clinics, outreach, trainings and
intake. LASP is pleased to be able to reward hardworking
pro bono attorneys and to offer an incentive to engage
new volunteers."

Legal Aid of Southeastern PA offers CLE credit for pro
bono service and BCBA offers CLE credit for PFA defense.
If you haven't had time to provide pro bono service because
you've been busy taking CLE courses, you now can do
both at once, by earning free CLE credits for your pro
bono work at LASP! In Bucks County, you also can get CLE
credit through the Bucks County Bar Association if you
volunteer for Protection from Abuse Defense, noted Jennifer
Pierce, LASP Doylestown Managing Attorney and Bucks
County Bar Association Pro Bono Coordination/Pro Bono
Committee Chair.

"The Pennsylvania Supreme Court is committed to providing
access to justice for all and has a long-standing history of
support for providing civil legal aid for those with limited
resources," Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Sallie Updyke
Mundy said. "This pilot program furthers our commitment to
legal aid while providing opportunities for licensed attorneys
to fulfill their annual CLE requirements. I am grateful for the
efforts of former Philadelphia Bar Association Chancellor Alan
Feldman and former chair of the CLE Board Robert Heim for
their tireless advocacy on behalf of the pilot program."

Through a pilot program approved by the Pennsylvania
Supreme Court and launched in 2019, attorneys who
donate pro bono service can receive continuing legal
education (CLE) credits. In offering the three-year pilot, the
PA Supreme Court's goal is to increase support for civil legal
aid for low-income Pennsylvanians. Legal Aid of Southeastern PA (LASP) now has Approved CLE Provider status.
Thus, attorneys who provide pro bono service to LASP's
low-income, vulnerable clients can get CLE credit.

Interested in finding out how you can tailor your pro bono
service to your interests AND get CLE credit at the same
time? Please contact Jennifer Pierce at 215-340-1818 or
jpierce@lasp.org, or Kesha James, LASP Deputy Director for
Advocacy and Pro Bono Director, at 610-275-5400 x131
or kjames@lasp.org. To volunteer for PFA Defense, please
contact Emily Carrillo at the Bucks County Bar Association at
emilyc@bucksbar.org or 215-348-9413 x100.

Developed in conjunction with the CLE Board, the program
allows registered Pennsylvania lawyers to receive one
CLE credit for every five hours of pro bono legal work
completed, up to 3 CLE credits for 15 hours of service per
compliance period.

Emeritus status for retired attorneys
to provide pro bono service

"LASP is excited about being a part of this pilot project. Free
CLEs are hard to come by, so this is a great opportunity for
attorneys to earn credit while doing very fulfilling work," said
Kesha James, LASP Deputy Director for Advocacy and Pro
Bono Director. "LASP's volunteers gain valuable experience
from their pro bono work, so the credits are merited. Since

Are you a retired attorney with some time to give back? You
can now apply for emeritus attorney license status to do
pro bono work on behalf of those in need! In May 2018,
the PA Supreme Court adopted Pennsylvania Rule of Disciplinary Enforcement 403, which creates an emeritus status
for retired attorneys and enables them to provide pro bono



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