Bucks Writs - Summer 2019 - 6

President's Message
My Fellow Bar Members:
It is with great excitement
that I start this President's
Message by announcing the
formal creation of both the
"Diversity Committee" and
the "In-House & General
Counsel Section" of the Bucks
County Bar Association. Both
groups are the product of the
dedicated work of the steering
committees that were created
earlier this year to define the
Robert Repko
specific goals and missions of
Bucks County Bar
each, so as to give "voices" to
Association President
many members who have felt
underrepresented within the
BCBA over the years. I am truly grateful for the time and
effort put in by the members of both steering committees
in making these groups a reality for the benefit of our
organization. I also invite all of you to take advantage
of getting involved with the Diversity Committee and/
or the In-House & General Counsel Section if they are of
interest to you, as both truly compliment the differing
backgrounds and practice areas of our members.

Yes, my friends, despite many
of us enjoying the slower
pace and time off usually
associated with summer, you
can rest assured knowing that
your Bar Association never
stops, or even slows down, in
working to make sure we are
always doing our best for you!
so that we all continue to have opportunities to come
together and socialize with our fellow members and
friends, both the ones we already know and the ones we
have yet to meet.
We are also in the process of putting together a composite
photo of our members, the last one of which was done
more than 10 years ago. So if you have not already done
so, please take advantage of this opportunity to be a part
of BCBA history and join 400 of your fellow members who
have already had their picture taken. Just don't wait too
long or you will miss out.

Of course, that is not all of the good news I have to
share. See, your Bar Association is always hard at work
bringing more benefits and value to all of its members.
Over the past few months, we have continued to offer
new and exciting CLEs, as well as increase our library of
online CLEs for you to earn credits at your convenience.
We have sought, and received, the ability of our Pro
Bono PFA Defense lawyers to earn valuable CLE credits
for their service to PFA litigants. Our newly established
Diversity Committee is working on bringing back the
People's Law School and, with the help of Bucks County's
very own Judge Clyde Waite, we already have tentative
commitments from Supreme Court Justices David Wecht
and Max Baer to be a part of that presentation. Our
Finance and Bar Property Committee continue to make
improvements and repairs to our association building so
that we have a home to enjoy for years to come. The
Young Lawyers Division has been putting together Happy
Hours (July 18 and August 22) and the Women Lawyers
Division has been working on a Networking Happy Hour
(September 5), the Women's Power Summit (October
17) and the always popular "Sip-N-Shop" (November 7)

Many of us also recently had fun at the BCBA's annual
John J. Rufe softball game between the Young Lawyers
and the Seasoned Lawyers, which I am proud to say the
"old-timers" won; Tyler Tomlinson and the entire Bench
Bar Committee continue to finalize plans for what I have
been told will be the best Bench Bar Conference ever at
the popular Seaview Resort in Absecon, NJ (September
26-28, so block off your calendars now); and members
of the Bucks County Bar Foundation have been working
hard to get ready for the Foundation's 15th Anniversary
celebration on October 10. Yes, my friends, despite
many of us enjoying the slower pace and time off usually
associated with summer, you can rest assured knowing
that your Bar Association never stops, or even slows
down, in working to make sure we are always doing
our best for you!
But that's not all. Because we are committed to working
on ways in which we can better serve the communities in


Bucks Writs - Summer 2019

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