Bucks Writs - Summer 2020 - 5

President's Message

25/26 is the immediate focus. While we were looking forward
to holding Bench Bar 2020 at Skytop Lodge, governmental
restrictions on the facility made that impracticable so we shifted
gears and the staycation conference was born. Jeremy Puglia
and the Bench Bar Committee have worked hard to plan a
conference held right here in our back yard that is worthy of
being called Bench Bar. It is common knowledge that Bench
Bar CLEs are among the best of the year and, with this year's
CLEs all being conducted virtually, we are able to make the
CLEs available to many more members. Thursday and Friday
afternoon feature outdoor receptions that will allow attendees
to spread out and stay safe while enjoying the company of
other members. And Friday afternoon golf at the scenic and
historic Northampton Valley Country Club is sure to be a great
time. The early responses have put us on track to have one of
the highest Bench Bar member participation rates in the history
of the Association and we look forward to having you join us.

My Fellow Members
of the Bar:
While the last few months have
been trying, I am extremely
proud of how our Association
leaders, members and staff
have responded and performed.
It would have gone largely
unnoticed if we allowed the
pandemic to take its course while
we faded into the background
and waited it out. But the Board
Daniel Keane
Bucks County Bar
of Directors, Section/Division/
Association President
Committee Chairs and BCBA
staff actively sought out opportunities to continue to play
meaningful roles in our members' lives, and the results have
been tremendous.

While it is important that we continue our efforts to ensure
that the Association thrives, we should also be considering
what part we can play in the evolving social landscape, both as
an Association and as individual attorneys. Lawyers are often
consulted in times of trouble, and that is as true for individuals
seeking advice from lawyers as it is for the community seeking
direction from the Association. We are most people's first
contact with the justice system and we have an opportunity to
be ambassadors for everything that is good about our justice
system, while also helping to shape that system into what it
needs to be going forward. The Association provides a place for
attorneys to share ideas and collaborate, and that will continue.

The Association's regularly held monthly meetings moved
from in-person to Zoom but never missed a beat. The court
re-opened for regular business in June and, due in part to a
series of State of Bucks County Courts video conferences, our
attorneys were prepared to return to the courtroom. Event
planning never stopped, and we are now in a position in
which we are working to safely hold in-person events in the
Fall. All of this was due to the work that was put in during the
pandemic shutdown, and it has truly been a team effort.

I look forward to what we can accomplish over the next few
months and I continue to ask for your support. While no one is
certain what the future holds for our businesses, schools or the
world in general, the BCBA leadership and staff are working to
remain flexible and innovative to ensure that, regardless of the
circumstances, we can continue to offer services. With that in
mind, please consider what role you can play in the Association,
whether it is sharing ideas, participating in meetings or events,
or volunteering for one of the many pro bono opportunities
that the Association makes available. Collectively we determine
the success of the Association. 
- Daniel Keane
Bucks County Bar
Association President

The June 3rd Protection From Abuse Court Day is an excellent
example of the potential of our membership. Just three days
into the re-opening of the courts, Association members and
staff worked in concert with the Bucks County Courts and
Legal Aid of Southeastern PA to dispose of two and a half
months' worth of cases in one day. The pro bono work of our
members to provide meaningful representation to so many
litigants shows the impact we can have on our community.
I am also pleased to report that our membership numbers
have increased from this time last year. The Member Services
Committee, under the leadership of Melanie Wender, has been
one of our most active committees this year and their work has
certainly paid off. The Association used the last few months
to highlight the benefits of membership and non-member
attorneys have taken notice and joined.

We Welcome Your Feedback!
Thanks for your interest in theWRITS.
Please send all comments, questions,
submissions to: WritsEditor@BucksBar.org.

We now look to the next few months to see how we can make
the best of the future opportunities available to us, and the First
Annual Likely Last Local Hybrid Virtual In-Person George Lear
Memorial Oktoberfest Bench Bar Conference on September



Bucks Writs - Summer 2020

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