Bucks Writs - Winter 2018 - 14

When an employer fails to enforce its policy, or worse,
conducts a sham investigation with a preordained
outcome, the message to the workforce is clear: the policy
is not there to protect you.

Perhaps the harasser is the company's top revenue
producing salesperson or rainmaker? It may be an economic
decision to tolerate the behavior because the employer
would rather risk paying a settlement to the employee than
lose the rainmaker or salesperson to a competitor.

Often, the harassers are powerful men.
"I can do this because I can and no one
is going to stop me." It may be a powerful
politician, a movie mogul, a TV news
anchor, a celebrity. Who is going to take
the word of a secretary or an entry-level
employee against them?

Sadly, it is often simply a lack of concern. Allegations of
harassment bring investigations, disrupt the work, and
may uncover unpleasant facts employers would rather
not know. Why can't the employee just grow some thick
skin and move on?
Until our society changes, until our society values a
woman's right to a harassment-free workplace more
than a harasser's fame or fortune, and until all employers
have the will to address every complaint seriously,
sexual harassment will continue to afflict the American
workplace. Unless a harasser understands that his
behavior is likely to cost him his job regardless of his
position or influence, what incentive does he have to
refrain? There will be, no doubt, other high-profile cases in
the future of men whose misdeeds finally caught up with
them. Yet, for every such case, there will also be so many
more victims we will never hear of. 

The reasons for employers' lack of will to enforce vary.
Often, the harassers are powerful men. For them, the
harassment is an exercise of their power: "I can do this
because I can and no one is going to stop me." It may be
a powerful politician, a movie mogul, a TV news anchor, a
celebrity. Who is going to take the word of a secretary or an
entry-level employee against them?

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