Bucks Writs - Winter 2018 - 17

Bucks, Chester and Delaware Counties have chosen
to use the Confidential Information Form. Philadelphia
and Montgomery Counties have chosen the duplicate
redacted/unredacted version filing method. For a county
by county listing, as well as links to further information
and to the forms discussed below, go to http://www.

The Confidential Information Form
Often, confidential information is essential for the
disposition of the legal matter. For example, it may be
necessary to include the name of a minor in a complaint
or to list financial account numbers in a motion. In such
cases, the Policy requires that a party omit all references
to the confidential information in the legal documents,
substituting instead certain abbreviations. Therefore,
a minor's name would be omitted from the complaint
and in its place only the minor's initials would be used.
Similarly, financial account numbers would appear in a
motion only as FAN#1, FAN#2, etc.
In order to allow litigants to make sense of these
abbreviations, the filing party will be required to file
a Confidential Information Form along with the legal
document containing the abbreviations. The Confidential Information Form is a new form that will act like a
reference guide and will be read in conjunction with the
redacted legal document. The Confidential Information
Form will make clear that "JAJ" refers to minor Johnny
A. Jones and FAN#1 refers to checking account number
100023 at Local Friendly Bank. The Confidential
Information Form must be filed with the court and served
on all parties, but it will be unavailable to the public. The
public will have access to, for example, the complaint and
the motion, but not the Confidential Information Form
which contains the identifiers.

The Duplicate Redacted/Unredacted Versions
Alternatively, a county may require a litigant to file two
versions of a legal document, one with all confidential

The goal of the Policy is to balance the
right of the public to access certain
records with the protection of the
confidential information that is often
found in those records.
information redacted, and one without such redactions.
If such a multiple version filing is required, no Confidential Information Form need be filed with the court.
As expected, the redacted version will be available to
the public while the unredacted version will not.

The Confidential Document Form
Of course, many legal filings contain exhibits, addendums
or other attachments that may contain confidential
information. Under the Policy, the following types of
documents are classified as "confidential" and can no
longer be included in public court filings:
* Financial Source Documents
ς Tax Returns and Schedules
ς W-2 forms and Schedules including 1099s
ς Wage stubs, earning statements, or other
similar documents
ς Credit card statements
ς Financial Institution Statements
ς Check Registers or checks
ς Loan Application documents



http://www.pacourts.us/public-records/public-records-policies http://www.pacourts.us/public-records/public-records-policies

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