Bucks Writs - Winter 2018 - 27

clubs with remarkable jazz, Spotted Cat, Café Negril and
Apple Barrel to name the few we hit.
Panelists told the crowd of the need for legislation
permitting more creative custody contempt sanctions, such
as community service for the child and/ or the parent and
discussed the effect of the increase in kinship care statewide
due to the opioid crisis.

Rule and legislative changes include:
* Support obligees must provide documentation of child
care expenses within a reasonable time,
* Soliciting attorneys must wait 30 days after the
filing (maybe service) of a divorce complaint before
contacting defendants,
* Obligor parents who have less than 10% overnights can
face an upward guideline deviation,
* Alimony pendente lite based on need, not the formula,
is going nowhere,

Dawn Padanyi and a frie
The Author (right), with

bluff conclusions, but if the details are not understood,
they are sinkable.
Saturday: Two judges and two Divorce Masters shared
their thoughts on Equitable Distribution percentages and
alimony duration on scenarios with varying facts, such as
length of marriage, health, marital misconduct, age and
number of children. The wide variety of recommendations was scary for any practitioner who takes comfort in

Senate Bill 196 requires a Domestic Abuser to wear a
monitoring device. This short time table bill was introduced
by the parents of a woman in Pittsburgh who was
murdered by a defendant subject to a PFA order. The PA
Bar has constitutional concerns about this measure as
this proposed civil sanction carries a higher penalty than a
criminal one without the requisite standard of proof.

Custody Tips. Follow the Judge Scott rule, prepare your
client to say something positive about their ex's parenting
skills. In fact, fully prep all witnesses. Leave the new spouse
home if they have a negative effect on your case and
stipulate to as many of the custody factors as possible to
streamline the presentation.

Of course, the new Public Access Policy was addressed, but
that is another article entirely.
As we left, we watched the Saints lose to the Vikings
on a last second pass play. Heartbreaking for a city
with a big heart. 

Judge Daniel Clifford showed the Child Interview Video
used at Judge school. He cautions that children need to
know their preference is not the deciding vote, only a part
of the equation.
Sober Link marketed a portable high-tech breathalyzer
with facial ID camera and portal to send immediate results
to all monitoring parties in custody cases where alcohol is
an issue. The device is FDA cleared, costs about $400 and
is now used by over 250 US treatment facilities. A breath
test is received by Sober Link once every 4 seconds.
The Roosevelt's Farewell dinner included Beef Bourguignon,
coq au vin and a jazz band with a bass fiddle.
Sunday morning's case law and legislative update was,
naturally, not well attended. New Orleans has too many
Saturday night temptations with Frenchtown, no cover




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