Bucks Writs - Winter 2018 - 6

From the Editor...

We welcome Jessica and the other
new officers and wish them luck,
while thanking David Truelove
for his recently concluded year of
service to the BCBA. Change is good.

The only thing that is
constant is change.
2017 recently transformed into
2018, and if there is a theme
running through this first
issue of the Writs in this new
year, it is change.

Jason Weiss does a masterful job of explaining the recent
repeal of "Net Neutrality" for us lay people. Will internet
access and data usage cost more? These are changes
almost no one wants to see.

The new BCBA President,
Jessica Pritchard, recently
assumed her duties, which
includes her first column for this publication. We welcome
Jessica and the other new officers and wish them luck,
while thanking David Truelove for his recently concluded
year of service to the BCBA. Change is good.

Nancy Larkin Taylor brings us up to date on a fairly new
theater group in Bucks County. We at the Writs are big fans
of the arts and culture and although we do not mind the
occasional journey to Philadelphia or New York, we love
having options right in our backyard. Change can be fun!
Finally, I would be remiss if I failed to mention the recent
retirement of sometime Writs contributor, Sr. Judge John
J. Rufe. For the first time in over 40 years, there is no Rufe
sitting on the Bucks County Bench. Change is... a little sad.

Theresa Golding's article on the new Public Access Policy
details a major procedural change affecting lawyers
throughout the Commonwealth. The Bucks County Court
Administration and Prothonotary's offices have been
working hard to implement the new processes. There
are new forms, and lots of questions. Change can be
cumbersome and not particularly welcome.

We wish all of our readers a happy and prosperous new
year, one of positive change. 

-Scott L. Feldman

Scott Fegley sets forth some timely directives for employers
in managing their companies' sexual harassment policies.
Conventional wisdom suggests that ground zero for the
rise of sexual abuse and harassment in our collective
consciousness was last year in Hollywood and Washington.
But, perhaps it was in 2015, and closer to home here in
Pennsylvania. The otherwise shameful tenure of Attorney
General Kathleen Kane was noteworthy for shining a
spotlight on harassment in the form of thousands of
pornographic e-mails exchanged by lawyers, Judges and
other state officials. Many of the e-mails were described as
misogynist, explicit and hard core, and were hardly victimless.
"Porngate" resulted in the resignation of one PA Supreme
Court Justice and the early retirement of another, along
with other fallout. It way be reasonable to (at least partially)
reconsider the legacy of Ms. Kane. Perspectives can change.

Need a Lawyer?
Welcome to the Bucks County Bar Association's
Lawyer Referral and Information Service
(LRIS) serving all of Bucks County. The LRIS is
a public service of the non-profit Bucks County
Bar Association. Each year the LRIS responds to
thousands of callers, referring them to attorneys
with experience in the appropriate area of law or
to area agencies able to provide assistance.
Persons identified as needing legal representation
and who do not claim inability to pay an attorney
will be referred by LRIS to a participating
attorney. LRIS participation is open
to all Bucks County Bar Association
members having their primary
office in Bucks
County. You can
contact the LRIS at
215-348-9413. 

Four of the five Bucks County Courthouse row officers
have changed. Newly elected officials include Controller,
Neale Dougherty, Recorder of Deeds, Robin Robinson,
Prothonotary, Judi Reiss, and Sheriff, Milton Warrell. We get
to know Sheriff Warrell and his professional goals for the
department in an interview conducted by Chris Serpico for
this issue. Change can be inevitable.


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