Bucks Writs - Winter 2020 - 11

Finally, our incoming President Dan Keane offered a few
words on his goals and priorities for the BCBA in 2020.
Dan enthusiastically offered a positive message to us all
about the future of our Association and displayed a true
commitment to improving the Association for the benefit of
all its Members, as well as working with the Bar Foundation
to increase our presence in, and support of, the Bucks
County community at large.
As in years past, the annual dinner was sponsored by our
friends at USI Affinity and catered by the owners of Penn
Tap Room who, as usual, did not disappoint. Dinner was
excellent in every respect, as was the company amongst all
those in attendance. Many a laugh was heard as everyone
enjoyed a night of friendship and camaraderie.
We also had the opportunity to honor some of our BCBA
members, as well as the members of the community,
with awards for their service to the Bar Association, the
practice of law in Bucks County and/or the community
in which we live.

The Mark. E Goldberg Community Service Award was
presented to Tina Mazaheri for her continued community
service efforts throughout Bucks County, both individually
and on behalf of the BCBA/BCBF.

Finally, as outgoing President, I was honored to present
the President's Award to my good friend and colleague
Adrian Meyer for his constant and unwavering support,
leadership, guidance and friendship to the BCBA.

The Arthur B. Walsh Pro Bono Publico Award was
presented to Martin Ghen for his tireless service to indigent
defendants in PFA cases here in Bucks County.

Congratulations to all of this years' award winners!
We also had the honor to recognize retiring Judge Rea B.
Boylan during the Annual Dinner, where she was presented
with a plaque thanking her for her many years of dedicated
service to our legal system, as well as all of Bucks County.
Again, thank you for your tireless efforts in providing fairness,
justice and compassion to all who have appeared before you.

The William H. Eastburn, III Award was presented by the
Honorable Rea B. Boylan to the Tim & Judy Rudderow
Foundation, Inc. for their support of our Bucks County
Drug Court program and their tireless commitment to
helping those in our criminal justice system who suffer from
substance abuse and addiction issues.

Finally, as outgoing President I took this one last
opportunity to offer a final "thank you" to everyone for
their support, wisdom and kindness during my year as
president. I also offered a special thanks to our Executive
Director Greg Nardi, the entire BCBA staff, our Board
of Directors, my Executive Committee, my firm, my
family and most of all you, the members, for allowing
me the honor of serving as President of the BCBA in 2019.
It was a wonderful year that ended with a great event,
and I have no doubt that 2020 will be even better under
the leadership of our new President Dan Keane. Best
wishes Dan for a great year - I have no doubt the best is
yet to come for the BCBA! 

The BCBA Women Lawyer's Division Harriet M. Mimms
Award was presented to Maureen Carlton for her support
of, and leadership in, the Women Lawyer's Division, the
Bucks County Bar Foundation and the Bucks County Bar
Association over the years.
The Annual Foundation Award was presented to Dermot
Kennedy for his continued commitment to the mission
of the Bucks County Bar Foundation and the entire Bucks
County community.




Bucks Writs - Winter 2020

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