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Bucks County Bar Association
Annual Meeting and Dinner

On Thursday, December 5, 2019 the Bucks County

The meeting itself started off with the acceptance of the
minutes from last year's meeting, our Treasurer's report
on the financial status of the BCBA, the approval of the
2020 Budget, the reports from our Section, Division and
Committee chairs, the recognition of new members
admitted to the BCBA in 2019, and my final report to the
BCBA as the outgoing President.
From there we took a "break" to honor Morris J. Kaplan,
Robert L. Katzenstein, Ronald J. Smolow and Eric R.
Tobin with Pro Bono recognition awards, presented by
Jennifer Pierce, head of the Doylestown Legal Aid Office
and Chair of the BCBA Pro Bono Committee. All four
attorneys named were recognized for their continued
commitment to the mission of Legal Aid and to those in our
Bucks County community who are unable to afford legal

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Young Lawyers' Division
Hon. Donald W. VanArtsdalen were all remembered
with amazing and moving Memorial Resolutions about
their service to our Association, the Bucks County legal
community, their neighbors and their families. At the end
of the Resolutions we also unveiled the portrait of Judge

2019 Recap

VanArtsdalen, which was commissioned and produced
through the tireless
of our 2019
Following this, we joyously recognized our 50-year
By Jeremy
D. Puglia,
2020 Bench Bar Chair
and the family of Judge VanArtsdalen, and which will hang
members with the presentation of a gift and an
the wallsyear
of our in
opportunity for them to offer us some sage wisdom
YLD had
thoughts on their tenure as Bucks County lawyers
and and February, Erin Aronson ran the Mock Trial
In January
Thereafter, we resumed with the election of our new
members of the Bar Association. For 2019, those
and did a fantastic job. The YLD Executive Board
Executive Committee members and members of the Board.
Gerald Committee
honored for their 50 years of membership were:
and Advisory
stepped up to a challenge set
Specifically, the BCBA members in attendance voted to
E. Bloom, Steven A. Cotlar, Denis W. Lanctot
in the beginning of the year for each member to
John VanSciver.
volunteer as a Bailiff/Juror at least 3 nights each. This
Julie Goldstein as Secretary and Lawrence Scheetz,
provided Erin with an initial base of support where 10
Jr. as Treasurer, along with Susan Dardes, Frank
We then took some time to reverently honor those
members volunteered 3 nights each, causing 30 slots to
Sullivan and Jeremy Puglia as three-year members
members of our Association who passed away during
be filled from the jump. With the help of the Mock Trial
of the BCBA Board of Directors. Congratulations and
2019. John M. Fedorko, Howard T. Gathright, Peter
Happy Hour (organized by Gabe Montemuro and Michael
welcome to you all!
N. Harrison, Samuel M. Snipes, Mark B. Weber and
Shelton and sponsored by PNC Wealth Management), Erin
did the rest and made it look easy! We are excited for her
leadership in 2020
10 as she becomes the YLD Chair.


email submissions to

Advertising Contact
Tracy Hoffmann 
610-685-0914 x201 * tracy@hoffpubs.com

The YLD had an active year in 2019. In January and February,
Erin Aronson ran the Mock Trial Program and did a fantastic

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In June, the 3rd Annual Judge John J. Rufe Softball took
place. The weather cooperated with us (for the most part).
PNC Wealth Management sponsored the entire event,
including paying for T-Shirts for all the players, and for a
"Happy-2-Hour" at Giuseppe's Pizza in Warminster. This
was a new location that seemed to get great reviews.
Congratulations to Breandan Nemec for, once again, being
carried by By
to a victory. The YLD looks forward
to getting back on the winning side of things in 2020.
Note: The YLD would also like to announce a fundraiser
for 2020,
the proceeds of which will go to purchase Chris
"Bubba" McGinley a new set of cleats.

event, coordinating the entire thing. Thanks, Chris! We look
forward to you joining the Executive Board in 2020.

The BCBA Bench Bar Conference took place in September.
What a great time at Seaview! It was, without a doubt, the
best Bench Bar since Hershey. The YLD was well represented
at the Conference, and brought a new event with it:
LEGAL QUIZZO! Jen Severens (Pierce) and Elaine Yandrisevits
Co-Chaired the YLD Bench Bar Committee and did a
team won! About 40 people were in attendance, with
fantastic job getting together more than 40 questions and
For the past seven years, Veterans Court has,10
members from our Association. Thank you to Esquire
answers for the legal trivia game. We'd also like to thank
appropriate, assisted military veterans find successful
Depositions for sponsoring the event, and to Mitch
the other members of this committee: Josephine Lee, Erin
treatment options as an alternative to more traditional
Baylarian for coordinating.
Aronson, Jeremy Whalen and Michael Shelton. The YLD
sentencing procedures, such as incarceration or extended
raised more than $1,000 with its Basket of Cheer this year,
periods of probation or parole supervision. August brought us another Happy Hour in the lower-end
with a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label as a centerpiece.
at the Green Parrot. Chris Mahoney took the reins on this
The Veterans Court program is the brainchild of Chief
The program relies heavily on the support of
Deputy District Attorney Bob James. A veteran of the United
a group of twelve mentors, so called
States Air Force, he saw action during the Gulf War before
buddies" who have military backgrounds and
"enlisting" in law school. It was after he began working for
are willing to lend a guiding hand to fellow
the Bucks County DA's Office that Bob happened to watch
veterans in trouble with the law.
an HBO documentary that detailed the unresolved issues
that many veterans encounter in civilian life upon discharge
who have military backgrounds and are willing to lend a
from military service. That viewing experience inspired him
guiding hand to fellow veterans in trouble with the law.
to see what could possibly be done to help veterans in
The mentors' role is similar in scope to those dedicated
Bucks County who faced criminal charges.
individuals who act as sponsors for AA participants.

Lawyers and citizens of Bucks
fortunate to have one of the most innovative
specialty courts in the Commonwealth
In July, the YLD participated in a Multi-County "Young
Lawyer Summit." It was a Quizzo night and The Bucks
operating in our criminal courtrooms.

Bucks County Veterans Court
Lawyers and citizens of Bucks County are fortunate to
have one of the most innovative specialty courts in the

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As a prosecutor, he had first-hand knowledge of cases
In Judge Bateman's courtroom, I had the chance to observe
involving veterans who had been arrested and required
the interactions of mentors Elwood (Woody) Hippel, US
to appear in criminal court, sometimes repeatedly, for
Air Guard Colonel (retired); Francis X. Dufner, US Customs
crimes where the underlying cause was clearly related to
Service Special Agent (retired), and BCBA Executive Director
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). After investigating
Greg Nardi, US Army Lieutenant Colonel, 1995-2017.
Veterans Court programs available at that time in PhilaI watched as Clyde
War vet,Bucks for Kids
delphia and Montgomery Counties, he was able to cobble
By Nancy
agreed to schedule a mental health evaluation, submit
together a program for Bucks County using the best ideas
screening at
taken from our neighboring courts. He calls the
I ran
into one of mytofavorite
gym, 25 hours of
an first
to having his theft and
Program "a labor of love" that was motivatedwriter
by hisMarian
own Callahan.
She was
gym class
stolen property
to a summary
military background.
after an emergencyreceiving
I lent hercharges
my hairreduced
a lengthy
history. I also
After class Marian told
me of
a piecehaving
she was
writing criminal
The program's goal is to help vets who had been
other veterans,
screened for the
the unable
Intelligencer that
the numerous
local Back
to successfully address substance abuse issues School
by steering
the Court's
donation drives
for kids
in need.
I wasobtain
them to individuals and agencies that would work
to defer
on theirto
cases to allow them
we live
in athe
due perhaps
the area
Court to insure that men and women who had
time to
comply probably
with treatment
options offered in lieu of
or to our Quaker
a combination
served our country could find the support theyofneeded
or probation.
who participate in the
both. Every year,jail
of Bucks
to address underlying issues that may have ledreceive
to theirBack to School
are from
to obtain
a mental health evaluation
a variety
of sources.
criminal behavior. The program relies heavily on the support
(paid for by the VA), and seek intervention whenever a
Way's Stuff drug
the Bus
United Way
project, run
of a group of twelve mentors, so called "battleUnited
or alcohol
or PTSD disorder is diagnosed.
efficiently by Executive Director Danielle Bush, is probably
the godfather of local Back to School drives. Every July,
Bucks United Way asks all of its associated nonprofits to
18 gift cards and school supplies. The
donate backpacks,
response is astounding.

Bucks 4 Kids

Bucks 4 Kids
I ran into one of my favorite Bucks Countians at the gym,
writer Marian Callahan. She was taking her first gym class

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Volunteers and staff stuff hundreds of brand-new
backpacks, with all kinds of goodies, from spiral notebooks
to highlighters to pencil cases stuffed with gel-cap pens.
They are safely stored in a warehouse until a particular
Monday in August. On that day, a trail of vans and SUVs
driven by social workers, caseworkers, teachers and pastors
head to Bensalem. Taking as many backpacks as they can
carry, these volunteers distribute them to kids they know
need them but who can't afford them.

the office to pick up the gifts. The gifting was pretty labor
intensive and lacked content as you never found out if the
child liked the gift. Now, it's so much easier to write a check
or buy a gift card. Donations make us feel good and these
contributions are worthy causes.

Honoring Judge Donald VanArtsdalen
Diane Meyer of Children and Youth, who is in charge of
picking up Bucks for Kids backpacks each year, characterizes the giveaway scene, "As a madhouse, worse than
Black Friday. But what a great thing for each kid." We
really do appreciate it, Diane. (Diane has an SUV and three
13-year-old sons to shoulder this burden.)

At Bucks for Kids, we supply these types of nice surprises all
year-round. Every month we meet to review and approve
requests for hundreds of little and not so little items and
services for kids receiving care, soccer cleats, tutors, money
for class trips, ballet lessons so a little girl can get out of
the house on Saturday wearing her pink tutu and her Mom
doesn't have to worry about paying the tuition, as the class
is already paid for. We visualize the circumstances.

Imagine not having your school supplies on the first day?
Social faux pas. Embarrassing. Doylestown restaurants,
stores, law firms and the Bucks Co. Bar Association are just
a few of the many backpack collectors and distributors. It's
a September tradition.

Starting 30 years ago, I wish we had kept track statistically of various grant categories: age, gender, geographic
location. Parents: deceased, incarcerated, addicted,
disappeared, on disability. What a treasure trove for
academic analysis. Whatever. The data points don't
matter. All the applications are cries for help. The
reward is the cumulative effect of good done for Bucks
County's future adults.

This generosity reappears at Christmastime. During my
time, a local family was chosen by a business or a parish.
You were handed a scrap of paper with the age and sex of
the child you were buying for. You didn't know anything
else about her or him. One day a church deacon stopped by

Honoring Judge Donald VanArtsdalen
Honoring the past leaders of the legal profession is an
important part of each year's Annual Meeting of the Bucks

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Honoring the past leaders of the legal profession is
an important part of each year's Annual Meeting of
the Bucks County Bar Association. The meeting on
December 5, 2019 was no exception as the portrait of
the Honorable Donald W. VanArtsdalen (Artist: Joseph
Routon of Haddonfield, New Jersey), former Bucks
County District Attorney and Federal District Judge of
the Eastern District of Pennsylvania from 1970 - 1999,
was unveiled during the meeting.


Just Mercy

It is a tribute to Judge VanArtsdalen's outstanding and
historic accomplishments that his is only the second
By Scott L. Feldman
portrait hung in the Bucks County Justice Center of a
not entirely clear why Bryan
person who did not serve on the Bucks Countyt is
George Lear (1818 - 1885), who also served as
Bucks chooses to go to
Monroe County,
Alabama shortly
County District Attorney, Bar Association President,
graduating Harvard Law School
later as Pennsylvania Attorney General, wasafter
the first
in 1988. After all, he was raised
to be so honored.
in Delaware. But we should all be
Donald W. VanArtsdalen, a descendant of Holland
glad that he did.
It is a tribute to Judge VanArtsdalen's
Dutch settlers in Bucks County, was born in Doylestown
after arrivingoutstanding
in town with and historic accomplishments
and graduated from Doylestown High School
in 1937.
and the second portrait hung in the
While a junior at Williams College in 1940, little
well more than a that
is only
some nice suits, he begins interbefore Pearl Harbor, he joined the Royal Canadian
Bucks County Justice Center of a person who
various death row inmates
Artillery, serving as an anti-aircraft gunner in
at Holman
Prison. did not serve on the Bucks County bench.
during the German Blitz. In 1941 he transferred
the United States Army and joined Darby's Rangers.
Just Mercy is based on Mr.
Stevenson's 2014
22 memoir of the same
name and relates the underlying case,
appeal and ultimate exoneration of
convicted murderer, Walter "Johnny
D" McMillan. McMillan was arrested
and convicted for the 1986 brutal
assault and murder of a young white
female employee of a dry cleaning
establishment. After many months,
prison employees he encounters all
the local sheriff was under much
display varying degrees of hostility
pressure to solve the heinous crime.
to the pro bono attorney. Ironically,
Despite an alibi, no motive, and the
several such employees are quick
utter impracticality of McMillan being
to mention how Monroe County
at that location at that time, he was
was the home of Harper Lee and
nonetheless charged. The cast is of
the setting for To Kill a Mockingbird
the powerhouse variety, with Michael
(renamed as Maycomb County). They
B. Jordan ("Creed") starring as
suggest that Stevenson visit the local
Stevenson and Jamie B. Foxx (Oscar
Mockingbird museum where "he
award winner for "Ray") as the
could stand right where Atticus Finch
death row inmate, McMillan. Though
once stood" when he delivered his
somewhat underutilized, Brie Larsen
impassioned closing argument on
(Oscar award winner for "Room"),
behalf of Tom Robinson.
plays Eva Ashley, who along with

Just Mercy


It is not entirely clear why Bryan Stevenson chooses to go to
Monroe County, Alabama shortly after graduating Harvard

"For every nine people who have been
executed in the U.S., one person on death
row has been exonerated and released, a
shocking rate of error."
-Just Mercy, post-credits text

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A minor quibble, perhaps, but
Legal Aid of aSoutheastern
founder of the nonprofit EqualPA Names
almost every secondary character is
Justice Initiative.
as black or white; That is,
New ManagingStevenson
for Bristol
with few shades of grey or nuance.
was hardly a popular
The "bad guys", and there are a lot
figure upon
his arrival in Monroe
of them, are generally irredeemable.
County. The various Sheriff's

white prison employee who seems
to undergo a bit of transformation
after witnessing the execution of a
death row inmate. In a prolonged
series of scenes reminiscent of Dead
Man Walking, an inmate's final
appeal is denied and the macabre
pageantry leading to his demise
in the electric chair is painstakingly depicted. Stevenson is clearly
impacted, and so are we.
Despite the many roadblocks, delays
and overt racism in the local criminal
justice system, Stevenson's diligent
research of the underlying facts and
details of McMillan's case ultimately
lead to an appeal to be heard
outside of Monroe County. Only
then, does his incredible uncovering
of blatantly false and coerced
"witness" testimony and a dearth

is aRoad
department, District
and office in
Joshua Z. Goldblum has joined Legal Aid of Southeastern
He opened
his first
on New
PA (LASP) as Managing Attorney of the Bristol Office. After
(now Veterans Highway) in Levittown, just two miles
a long stint in private practice in
from the Bristol LASP office.
He also
Lower Bucks, he returns to where he
maintained offices in Langhorne
started his career: public interest law.
and Trevose, and later on Bustleton
Pike in Feasterville. "I am proud to
After graduating from the University
have been a lawyer for so many
of Pennsylvania Law School,
Bucks County residents for over 40
Goldblum began his career at the
years," Goldblum said.
Defender Association of Philadelphia. He was a staff attorney
Shawn Boehringer, LASP Executive
for Bucks County Legal Aid Society,
Director, said, "We are thrilled to
the predecessor to LASP, from
have Josh as part of the LASP team.
1979-1981. In 1981, he opened
His significant legal experience and
his own office in Levittown, and
community connections in Bucks
maintained his office in Feasterville from 1990-2018.
County will enhance the services we provide in Lower
In his solo practice, Josh continued to help people in
Bucks, and he will undoubtedly be a valuable resource for
Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia with their personal
all staff in the program."
financial and family problems concentrating in consumer
About Legal Aid of Southeastern PA
bankruptcy law, divorce and related family law matters,
By Jessica Pritchard
wills and estates.
Legal Aid of Southeastern Pennsylvania (LASP) provides
free civil legal services in Bucks, Chester, Delaware and
He served for more than 30 years as a board member
has offices
in Bristol and
As I take over the
presidency of
the Bucks
and officer of A Woman's Place, volunteering frequently
Pottstown, West
Foundation, I would
be remissinifaddition
I did notto
as a pro bono attorney for domestic violence survivors
city. Through a centralized
the woman whoChester,
came before
in Bucks County.
past President Tina
who, through her
hardapplication portal
and attorneys based in all
set forth a legacy of leadership
"I am thrilled to continue my work at LASP," Josh
four counties, LASP provides quality legal representation
and philanthropy.
have always been a legal services attorney at heart."
to low-income and vulnerable clients in cases involving
took overviolence,
as Foundation
President housing,
public benefits,
consumer and
He noted, "I was a staff attorney at Bucks County
bankruptcy, employment, health, wills/powers of attorney,
Aid Society when its offices were in the One Oxford Valley
the endowmentjuvenile
and continuing
and elderthe
Building, and at One Pond Street in Bristol Borough."
for which the Foundation is known. Accepting that
challenge, she doubled the Foundation's endowment
to $100,000. Under her direction, the "Learning with
Lawyers" program, wherein attorneys go into local
underserved schools and teach a lesson on the United
States Constitution, increased as to both the number of
schools served as well the number of BCBA attorneys
participating in the program. Under her leadership, in
2019, the Foundation donated $25,000 to the Legal
Aid Society of Southeastern Pennsylvania. Her efforts
on behalf of the Foundation are laudable and she has
The Bucks County Bar Foundation Board of Directors.
earned my gratitude.

"I am thrilled to
continue my work at
LASP. I have always
been a legal services
attorney at heart."

LASP Names New Managing Attorney:
Joshua Goldblum
Joshua Z. Goldblum has joined Legal Aid of Southeastern PA

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Bucks County Bar Foundation
Continues its Success

Bucks County Bar Foundation
Continues its Success
As I take over the presidency of the Bucks County Bar

..........................................................................................	Page 31

The mission of the Bucks County Bar Foundation, a
501(c)(3) charitable entity, is:

the year, the BCBA Board of Directors passed a resolution
directing that the Foundation increase its endowment to
$500,000 by January 2026. This is a lofty goal and one for
which the Trustees of the BCBF are ready and willing to
undertake. I will be seeking the assistance of the Association's members to move forward in this endeavor and
look forward to having record attendance at our annual
St. Patrick's Day event, scheduled for March 12, 2020 at
Hops/Scotch in Doylestown. It is my hope that I can rely on
members to attend and to assist moving the BCBF towards
meeting the new goals.

To promote and support programs, organizations, and
individuals throughout Bucks County who are engaged in
activities designed to foster respect for the rule of law, the
advancement of rights, liberties and protections under the
law as well as activities which have as a principal purpose
the advancement of social justice for the individuals,
families and communities of Bucks County.
Thanks to Mazaheri and the rest of the Trustees,
the Foundation sits poised to expand its central
goals and mission.

Hoffmann Publishing Group, Inc.
2921 Windmill Road
Reading, PA 19608
610.685.0914 x201

Young Lawyers' Division 2019 Recap

The YLD also teamed up with Member Services, and the
BCBA as a whole, to attend the Bridge the Gap program on
March 25th. The goal was to get newly admitted attorneys
to become members of the BCBA. We all look forward to
this becoming an annual event that the YLD can throw
its weight behind.

Stevenson, volunteers for and is

Bar Association Office
Greg Nardi, Executive Director
135 East State Street
Doylestown, PA 18901
215.348.9413 * www.bucksbar.org

Bucks County Bar Association
Annual Meeting and Dinner

By Bob Repko
On Thursday, December 5, 2019 the Bucks County Bar
Association held its Annual Meeting and Dinner. The event
started in the Bucks County Justice Center, where new
attorneys were admitted to the Bar of the Bucks County
Court. Thereafter, our annual meeting commenced so that
all business could be completed in time for the annual
dinner. Of course, all BCBA members were invited to attend
and participate in the annual meeting to offer their insight,
comments and to vote on pending matters.

Lastly, I would like to thank other Trustees that will be
leaving the Foundation Board after years of selfless service.
Many thanks to Barbara Lyons, Carol Shelly, Maureen
Carlton, Ryan Mellon and Keith Williams. I anticipate that
they will continue to support our mission, but are happy to
eliminate one meeting from their calendars. 

In 2020, the Foundation will be working more closely
with its counterparts in the Bucks County Bar Association
in furtherance of its mission. The leadership of the two
organizations realize that the Foundation must be provided
a clear direction. As such, at its first Board meeting of



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