Bucks Writs - Winter 2020 - 6

President's Message
My Fellow Members
of the Bar:

I welcome you to call me if you
want to discuss the Association.
So far I've been pleasantly
surprised by the number of
Association members, sponsors
and members of the community
who have reached out to me
about Association business,
and I hope that continues
throughout my term.

By the time you read this, we
will be a few months into
2020, which means that I
will be wondering what I was
thinking agreeing to become
President of this Association.
Numerous people warned me
about what I was getting into,
so I have no one to blame but
Daniel Keane
myself. But I just couldn't resist
Bucks County Bar
the chance to work with our
Association President
Executive Director, Greg Nardi,
and our wonderful staff who
put so much effort into ensuring that this Association
continues to thrive and be a vital resource to Association
members and the Bucks County community, as it has
been since 1853. So I endure.

(March 12) and Golf Outing (June 15 at Jericho National
Golf Club) are always great times. The BCBA Softball
game (June date TBD) will undoubtedly result in another
Seasoned Lawyers win. Bench Bar 2020 (September
24-26 at Skytop Lodge Resort) will be the best bench bar
since Hershey under the innovative leadership of Jeremy
Puglia. I can confidently say that any member who is not
taking advantage of these opportunities to network and
have a good time is truly missing out.

The truth is that I am proud to be this Association's
80th President. We help people find competent
and experienced representation through the Lawyer
Referral and Information Service. We assist people
with resolving their problems through our mediation
programs. We work with people to keep their homes
by providing the setting for the mortgage foreclosure
program. And we volunteer our time to represent people
involved in Protection from Abuse matters. This just
names a few ways that we use our unique talents to
support our community.

I welcome you to call me if you want to discuss the
Association. So far I've been pleasantly surprised by
the number of Association members, sponsors and
members of the community who have reached out
to me about Association business, and I hope that
continues throughout my term. I want to hand over
this Association to the next president, Sean Gresh, in
a better position than how I received it, just as every
president before me did, and I welcome everyone's help
in achieving that goal. 

This year you will notice several new initiatives. Some
are designed to better organize and recognize services
that the Association has always provided, like our newly
established Veterans Affairs Committee. Others are
being created to fill a gap in our local system of justice,
like the Child Advocacy Initiative. The Bucks County Bar
Foundation will continue to grow and play a larger role
in the Association with Jessica Pritchard at the helm.
The bottom line is that our members give back to the
community in so many ways and part of my job is to
ensure that those opportunities continue to be available.

- Daniel Keane
Bucks County Bar
Association President

We Welcome Your Feedback!
Thanks for your interest in theWRITS.
Please send all comments, questions,
submissions to: WritsEditor@BucksBar.org.

Another part of my job is to provide opportunities for our
members to have fun and you picked the right man for
the job. I'm Generation X and our motto is work-hard,
play-hard. The Foundation's St. Patrick's Day Party


Bucks Writs - Winter 2020

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