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Even if a child doesn't qualify for Infant/Toddler EI, the
evaluation itself can benefit the family or the referral source.
The evaluation team can offer constructive suggestions,
resources and recommendations, and specific risk factors
may qualify the child for another service. "Tracking" is
when a service coordinator routinely performs screenings
to make sure concerns don't fall through the cracks. Some
situations that may put a child at high risk include a low
birth weight, abuse or neglect, babies born to a chemically
dependent mother, care in a NICU, homelessness or the
mother being diagnosed with postpartum depression.
When a child turns three years, EI Services transition
from the county office of Mental Health/Intellectual
and Developmental Disabilities to the Chester County
Intermediate Unit. The transition is a collaborative
process and the services begin to focus on how a child's
development impacts learning and education. Children
may be identified for delays between age three to five as
well. This Preschool Special Education is provided in a
variety of childcare settings, not necessarily a classroom.
Like Infant/Toddler EI Services, these services are no cost to
eligible families.
While Chester County families are using EI Services
for their child age birth to 5 years, they are supported
and encouraged to join the local EI community. Chester
County Early Intervention Connections is a group of
professionals and parents working in partnership to enrich
the lives of EI families and enhance the quality of services
by collaborating with agencies, families and the community.
The group also plans and coordinates informative parent
workshops and fun social events for families. Chester
County Early Intervention Connections is on Facebook.
For more information about Chester County's Infant/
Toddler Early Intervention Services, including a short
video of the services, go to For
more information about Early Intervention in PA, call the
statewide connect line at 1-800-692-7288.

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