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stronger and decreased his fear of falling. Surrey arranged for
volunteers to help George tidy up the yard and do some minor
repairs in the house, fixing a leaky faucet that had dripped for
months. Surrey members and staff became a second family to
George, greeting him when he arrived at the center each day,
sharing stories and enjoying lunch.
George's daughter was also interested in finding a way to
check on her father's status, during the times between her visits
east. She needed a way to know that he was getting to his regular
medical appointments and any additional testing his physician
prescribed. Surrey helped with this as well. As part of RN Care
Management, a fee-based service, a nurse visited George each
week. She checked his blood pressure which was now better
controlled thanks to more exercise, eating regular meals and
being compliant with his medication. She also drove George to
his medical appointments. Best of all, the nurse sent a weekly
email update about George to his daughter describing his status
and updates from the doctor visits.
Surrey's mission is to help older adults live with
independence and dignity and to continue as engaged members
of the community. For George, Surrey provided a personalized
blend of services that allowed him to continue to live safely and
independently in his home, maintain control of his life and have
opportunities for the socialization he missed. His daughter says
she has peace of mind knowing her dad is looked after and looks
forward to their phone calls because he always has some story to
tell about the people he's met in classes and programs.
The benefit of Surrey membership is that it allows seniors to
choose from a wide variety of low or no cost programs, activities

and exercise at any of Surrey's locations (Devon, Broomall,
Havertown, Media and East Goshen). Each month, members
receive a Surrey newsletter filled with a schedule of activities as
well as useful articles about topics relevant to older adults. The
schedule is also available online.
In addition to activities, seniors can enjoy nutritious lunches
either at Surrey locations or from the Home Delivered and
Meals on Wheels programs. Daily lunch is available at Devon,
Havertown and Media centers for less than $5. Lunch is also
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