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Surrey: A Valuable Community Resource
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available several days per week at Broomall and East Goshen. The
center meals give older adults an opportunity to socialize and
connect with others. Socialization can have a significant impact on
overall physical and mental health.
While enjoyable, Surrey's programs can also help older adults
improve their overall health. Surrey offers a number of evidencebased programs for seniors including: Chronic Disease Self
Management; Diabetes Self Management; Healthy Steps for Older
Adults; Matter of Balance; Tai Chi for Arthritis; Walk with Ease;
and Arthritis Foundation Exercise. Evidence based programs help
older adults to manage their chronic conditions, communicate
better with their physicians and ultimately avoid unnecessary
hospitalizations due to falls or disease complications.
Surrey offers additional services through community partners.
Community Volunteers in Medicine provide dental services, such
as cleaning and x-rays, for low income seniors at the Devon center.
Trained APPRISE volunteers help with questions about Medicare
and Open Enrollment. During the first quarter of the year,
volunteers with AARP Tax Preparation help seniors file their taxes.
Surrey is more than just activities and programs. If a member
needs extra assistance at any time, due to a hospitalization or other
adverse event, Surrey offers an array of personalized services to help
in the home or rehabilitation facility. Surrey Home Care Services
provides eight different services, ranging from social companions to
live in care, to help older adults. One of the most popular services

is Medical Procedure Transportation. This service provides door
to door transportation for procedures requiring anesthesia; such
as colonoscopy, endoscopy, cataract surgery or other. The service
can also include prescription pick up, post surgical care or a light
meal - all provided by Surrey's professional staff.
For more than 37 years, Surrey's holistic approach has
helped older adults and their adult children to continue the
lifestyle they want in their homes and communities. For more
information, visit Surrey's website at or call
the main number at 610-647-6404.
Surrey's Community Centers
Devon, 60 Surrey Way, Devon, PA 19333, 610-647-6404
Broomall (at Trinity Church), 144 Lawrence Road,
Broomall, PA 19008, 215-307-7158
Havertown, 1105 Earlington Road, Havertown, PA 19083,
Media, 302 S. Jackson St., Media, PA 19063,
Surrey Home Care Services
60 Surrey Way, Devon, PA 19333, 610-647-9840
Surrey Transportation
Surrey Consignment Shop

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