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How to Remain Independent
in Your Home as You Age

Surrey Services for Seniors
ost older adults want to retain
their independence and stay
in their homes for as long as
possible. Taking the time to look at current
needs and anticipate future ones can help
seniors achieve this goal. Here are some tips
to help plan.

1. Assess Your Needs

would check your mail and pay your bills,
take care of your pets, etc., if you needed
emergency medical care. It is also important to stay connected to your community.
Look for area senior centers where you can
enjoy camaraderie or even volunteer.

4. Communicate with Family or
Trusted Friends

Determine what you need help with on
a daily or weekly basis. For example, do you need help with jobs
such as cleaning or home maintenance? Would it be easier to have
the groceries delivered? Is it becoming difficult or stressful for you
to drive? Do you need help following a medication schedule or
monitoring blood sugar? Evaluate your needs, and determine what
services could assist you.

Aging in place successfully requires
planning and communication. Tell a family member or trusted
friend where you keep up-to-date lists of doctors' names, medications and insurance information, power of attorney and other key
documents. Know who you will contact in an emergency situation
and make sure that person knows he or she is your emergency

2. Safety Begins at Home

If you are unsure of what services you need or where to find
community resources, a Geriatric Care Manager may be the best
first step for you. Geriatric Care Managers will assess your situation and develop a customized plan. With planning, use of available services and proactive communication, the goal of remaining
in your own home as you age is one that many seniors can achieve.
Surrey Services, a non-profit organization, can help you with
all aspects of aging well. From transportation to home care and
companions, from home maintenance to housekeeping, you can
rely on Surrey. Surrey also has four centers in Devon, Broomall,
Havertown and Media where you can enjoy a meal, exercise, take a
class or just enjoy the company of others.

Next, look at your home and assess whether you can live in it
safely and comfortably. Add nightlights and remove throw rugs
to prevent tripping. Hire someone to install handrails and grab
bars to ensure you have a grip on stairs and in the bath. Consider
installing an emergency response system. If your home can't be
modified easily, be proactive and look for a new home that is better
suited to your needs such as a single-story or a senior community.

3. Find Local Support and Community Resources
Conduct an on-line search to check local government and
non-profit organizations for activities and resources. Some
nonprofits, such as Surrey Services, offer free informational and
assistance services. Identify these now rather than wait until you
really need them. Think about how you would get home, who

For more information about Surrey activities and community
centers, call 610-647-6404. For more information about Surrey's
Home Care Services, call 610-647-9840. Surrey's professional staff
can help you with the services you need to stay in your home.

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