ChesterCountyMedicineSummer2019 - 16

The Art of Chester County
artist A
sue ciccone

Grand Isle Girl
16 CHESTER COUNT Y Medicine | SUMMER 2019

merry heart is the best medicine. Happiness is the key
to health. "So there we have it," I thought to myself.
Art as medicine. My wife and I spent a wonderful
evening with our summer edition's featured artist at her studio.
At some point in our conversation about her art, the many artists
of Chester County and her inspirations to be an artist, Sue made
a comment that was to me, as a physician, wonderful to hear.
"I want to make people smile with my art." No dissertation on
the need to change the world or astound the local community
of artists. Just her motivation stated well with a one sentence
personal philosophy of art. I do not mean to imply Sue paints
for humor, though some of her pieces are delightfully amusing
and have quirky themes, but more so a goal of bringing pleasure,
contentment and joy to the viewer. And so Sue has. Take a
moment to savor and enjoy her art creations. You will surely
find one that will bring you joy and most certainly improve your
May I introduce you to Sue Ciccone, born and raised in
Chester County. Her earliest memories are of long hikes as a
child along back country farm roads. And even though just a
child she was enchanted with the beauty of our county and the
farm animals she met. After these walks, Sue would draw with
pencil, and draw and draw even more. As Sue recalls, her parents
were intrigued, but apprehensive about her hobby. Though not
boosting her proclivity for art, for fear of a life lead as a starving
artist, her parents encouraged and nourished her creativity.
For many years Sue's life with art amounted to pencil and pen
sketches. Her artistic talent, however, could not be contained


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