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and at age 36, Sue began painting and attending formal
art classes. For the past 20 years Sue has been a full time
artist, working, for the most part, with acrylics. Her
themes currently are animals and landscapes. Her work
has been featured in multiple art galleries, juried art shows
and is collected throughout the United States. She is a
member of the Chester County Art Association and the
Wayne Art Center. In 2018 she was the recipient of the
national Great American Street Award/ Banner Project.
Sue's studio and her art were featured in both May and
June 2018 issues of County Lines Magazine. She was
honored that her premier collection was purchased for
permanent showcase at Philadelphia's iconic Talula's Daily
Restaurant. Her work has been repeatedly selected by the
philanthropic Healing Art Works organization for display
in four major regional medical centers as part of their
permanent collections. Over the years Sue has created
many commissioned works of art.


Lucky Girls Friend

Golden Sunset

Some Bunny Loves You

Sue Ciccone
Artist Statement

Nature is the core of my inspiration and my work is an
emotional response to the world around us. Whether
it's the beauty of a landscape, or the innocence of a
creature, each subject I paint is the result of my life
experiences in some way. It is my desire that people
feel joy, peace and contentment through my work.
This, along with my love of nature, is what drives me
to paint.
Sweet Summer
SUMMER 2019 | CHESTER COUNT Y Medicine 17


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