ChesterCountyMedicineSummer2019 - 5

Mian A. Jan, MD, FACC



Paradise Farm Camps
A Chesco Treasure


Bruce A. Colley, DO

Vice President
David E. Bobman, MD



Mahmoud K. Effat, MD

Past President
Winslow Murdoch, MD

Board Members
Brian Abaluck, MD
Norman M. Callahan, DO
Heidar K. Jahromi, MD
John P. Maher, MD
Charles P. McClure, MD
Valerie G. Vilbert, DO

In Every Issue
6	 President's Message
16	 The Art of Chester County

28 Reflections
Civil War Medicine

David A. McKeighan
Executive Director
Linda Harley
Associate Director
CCMS Headquarters
(610) 892-7750

10	 CCMS Annual Legislative Clam	
Bake & Family Picnic

Chester County Medicine is a publication
of the Chester County Medical Society
(CCMS). The Chester County Medical
Society's mission has evolved to

12	 Congestive Heart Failure,
An Overview, Part 2
14	 Legislative Roundtable

22	 The Coroner's Office
24	 Medical Missionaries 	Honduras
26	 Paoli Hospital Auxiliary's
4th Annual Fine Art Show

represent and serve all physicians of
Chester County and their patients in
order to preserve the doctor-patient
relationship, maintain safe and quality

18	 Polio: If Only it Were a Thing
of the Past

31	 CCMS Out and About

care, advance the practice of medicine
and enhance the role of medicine and
health care within the community, Chester
County and Pennsylvania.
The opinions expressed in these pages
are those of the individual authors and not

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Cover: Foghorn by Sue Ciccone featured on page 16 The Art of Chester County.

information and consideration of the
reader. It does not necessarily represent

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