ChesterCountyMedicineSummer2019 - 7

* Our annual legislative event Clam Bake has become one
of the most anticipated events in the county, not just for docs
and legislators but also for the gentry of Chester County
* Developing and producing a world class magazine which
not only deals with health issues and medical articles but also
gives exposure to artists of Chester County
* Establishing the William Darlington, MD Scholarship
and Mian A. Jan Scholarship for students of West Chester
University who want to join medicine
* Introduced diversity among CCMS board with
representation of minorities, women, specialists, primary
care, hospital based and non-hospital based physicians
* Developing tremendous relationship with our legislatures,
and developing a close cooperation on health related matters
I am not taking credit for these achievements, because I am
but one cog in the wheel. As I come to the end of my tenure I
want to thank many people. First and foremost Chester County
Medical Society's board of trustees and David McKeighan,
our director; without their help we would not have made such
great strides. I also want to wish Bruce Colley, our incoming
president, the best of luck and my full support. I want to thank
our publisher, Mr. Tracy Hoffman, and his staff who have helped
us reach new heights with our magazine. A big thanks to all the
physicians who contributed and helped us run the society because
without you there would not be a medical society.
I also want to thank Michael Duncan, Michael Barber and
Rick Donze, administration of Penn Medicine Chester County
Hospital who have provided us with a home and full support all
these years.
There are many others who have helped me tirelessly in
arranging the Clam Bake and other events. Carol Warrener, my
manager of almost 20 years, without whom I would have been
helpless and my new manager, Dawn Gibson, who is taking her
Finally my wife, my partner and my biggest supporter
Ambereen Jan, without her help this would not be possible. I'd
like to thank my three sons, Gibran, Kouresch and Zarshawn,
who have attended every single one of our clam bakes and helped
me with articles for our magazine. I also want to mention my
5-year-old daughter Jasmyn; although too young to be involved
she keeps me young, vibrant and full of hope for the future.
This is not good-bye, it's an end of one chapter of my life
and I will continue to try and contribute to the welfare of my
colleagues and the health of our patients because the need has
never been greater than it is now.
Thank you.
Signing off, until we meet again.
Mian A. Jan
Mian A. Jan, M.D., is a practicing Cardiologist
and President of Chester County Medical Society.
Contact Dr. Jan at (610) 892-7750.

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COST: $25.00 per person
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