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nce again, Central PA Medicine has succeeded with a group of articles that
amply demonstrate the wide range of interests in our physician community.
While our physicians are busy running between exam rooms or getting
from one operating room to another, they're also using precious minutes of
free time to think about the other many dimensions of care: the patients' perspectives,
prevention, education and alternate systems of care. While this is a brainy group, it
also speaks to the intellectual stamina of my colleagues.

Jaan Sidorov, MD
President, DCMS

It doesn't stop with this magazine, either. When two or more doctors are gathered,
conversation looks like our content. Plus, it quickly turns to national and state reform,
healthcare costs, pharmaceutical pricing, health insurance, medical education and
professional development - and that's just for starters. Adding more doctors to the
dialogue logarithmically increases its complexity. At a certain point, only two things
become certain: 1) there will be a disagreement; and 2) there will be a workable solution.
We overemphasize the former and ignore the latter at our peril.
There is also one thing that in my own conversations with physicians has become
abundantly evident: everyone agrees that healthcare is ripe for reform. While there is
no consensus on the many solutions that are being discussed among us doctors, it is
clear that something is going to happen. There may be a technology breakthrough, a
new approach to care, novel financing mechanisms or a revolution, but the anticipation
is significant and it is building.

It's just a matter of time until it happens.
Many reading this editorial may believe that "it" will be the result of a partisan sweep
in either Pennsylvania's or the national elections, or can be imposed "top down" by the
right alliance of purchasers, employers, government and policymakers. I'm not so sure.
They've had their chance and, even when there is bipartisan agreement, our patients are
telling us that the latest "Big Solution" isn't working for them. I'd look for a "bottom-up"
and more "viral" level of reform that no one can quite anticipate. In addition, I'd look
for it in the complex conversations that the doctors are having.
Will Central PA be the place where it starts? The content of this Central PA Medicine
suggests the answer could be yes.
Stay tuned!


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