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infrastructure in vulnerable populations that
will have a rising barrier of cost to solve as we
lose resources.
It becomes up to the advocates of these
communities, the community leaders, healthcare
leaders, physicians, and legislators, to solve these
issues and create a system that enables growth.
The subsequent weeks are not a new display of
fresh injustice, but another outcome of faulty
systems that are failing people. The status quo
of injustice lays in the hands of business interest
that have no stake in the communities they
affect, as well as legislation that overlooks its
own constituents and largely serves the interest
of the elite rather than working-class Americans.

The corporate media's inattention to these
issues in rural America has further perpetuated
the problem as the American public are further
removed from it and falls out of the scope of
the news coverage. The way we remove these
barriers is to bring these issues to the forefront
of not only our communities and legislators but
the media as well, that no one in our country
is silently forgotten or allowed to succumb to
avoidable despair. The more we collectively work
as a country and community of consciously
minded individuals that care for one another,
the sooner we can get to a place far from despair
and inequity and defined by overwhelming
shared prosperity and flourishing.

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Central PA Medicine Fall 2020 21

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Central PA Medicine Fall 2020

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