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2020 has been, in so many ways, one of
the most stressful years of anyone alive today.
Three issues have dominated our senses of
physical and emotional health:

of faith would be the belief in the tenets of
your personal religion, or the belief that an
estranged loved one will return to your side.

speak on a topic. I'd prefer to have a reputable
contractor with 40 years of experience building my house than someone who built two
woodsheds one summer. If you are starting
up a new aeronautics company, you would
want a rocket scientist from NASA as your
general manager, not a guy who flies his
Cessna to Hilton Head a few times per year.

In most of the history of human civilization,
truth was defined by the ruling class and
by religious organizations, followed by the
development of mass printing several centuries
ago. In the 19th Century, philosophic authors
of Existentialism, a way of thought
Lastly, for something to be true, it often
Is global warming a problem or not a
be measurable, using mathematics
problem (perhaps even being a purposeful
that it is likely to be real. Baseball
hoax), with regard to effects on the physical
look at trends to figure out what
world, the economy, and human health?
that the only nature or experience of what is is true about maximizing the likelihood of
Do different behaviors and attributes exist true, is one that we develop by ourselves over winning games. Player A will start over Player
between members of different races, religions, years. Our blank slate minds as babies develop B because he has a higher batting average,
eye shape, skin color or birthplaces that meaning of life based on our observation of plus he hits a lot better against lefty pitchers.
justify efforts to make one's own self more the world, shaping our collection of truths.
important? To the greater extent of focus This is why all humans have different beliefs Truthfulness makes
on these differences by individuals, there in what is and is not true. A North Korean social bonds between
is more disharmony in America. It is a fact Army soldier will most certainly believe dif- people, while lying and
of human nature that thinking of others as ferent things than a Maine lobster fisherman. hypocrisy break them.
being inferior in some ways can sometimes One goal of humanity is to distinguish what
Human rights, supported by the Conmake us feel better about ourselves.
dictate that we are all entitled to
is allowable opinion, and what are truths to
virtually anything, and to
be believed by reasonable people.
How can the human race
in speech, writing, and
decide what is the truth
Truth is what corresponds to fact or reality. other forms of expression. Along with this,
behind these questions?
Truth is proven by facts combined with we should acknowledge other things as being
First, let's define something other than a sincerity. We are regularly faced with making the truth if they are seen by reliable witnesses,
truth. An opinion is a belief that is held with choices about our perception of the truth.
and by listening to those who are qualified
confidence, that seems probable and valid in
One criterion in which to believe that to share their observations plausibly. Also,
one's own mind, but is not substantiated by something is true is the presence of eyewit- things accepted as being true are those that
positive proof or knowledge. A psychologically nesses. Even though we weren't right there, we have been looked at with objective measures,
competent and mature person will recognize believe the statement " Abraham Lincoln was again that are plausible and reasonable. If we
that their opinion about something makes assassinated by John Wilkes Booth in 1865 " hear a news story about a major snowstorm
them feel comfortable, but that others are is true, because a large number of people in Minnesota, we accept it as being the truth
entitled to their different viewpoint. The witnessed the event. There was no need to because so many eyewitnesses reported it to
statement that " the Dallas Cowboys are consider that the entire audience was part so many news agencies.
more worthy of our love and devotion than of a conspiracy, and the event was reported
All of us face the daily process of being
the Philadelphia Eagles " is an opinion, not concurrently by the press and by word of
to things and deciding whether or
a factual truth (although anyone with half mouth, by significant repetition. While one
true. In our lifetimes, we have a
a brain knows what a totally ridiculous and is free to state a theory such as child-eating
to decide and to be tolerant
laughable opinion it truly is).
zombies were responsible for the shooting, the of what is an opinion ( " blueberry pie tastes
Faith is a special type of opinion. It is report of the occurrence is accepted as being better than apple pie " ) and what is fact ( " a
based on confidence or trust that something true by 99.99% of our population.
jet crashed into the Pentagon in 2001 " ).
is true, in the absence of strong proof. It is
Another item that influences our concept of Hopefully, we can all strive to be open minded
a deep-seated belief that gives us comfort, the truth is education and experience. Some- to best making those decisions.
shaped by our life experiences. While hope one who has worked in a field of endeavor
is a desire for a future outcome, one cannot is likely to be authoritative when they are
have reasonable hope without faith. Faith is asked questions about how to do things and
a great gift that helps us to survive in a world think about things. Even though they may
of uncertainty. Faith brings us warmth and have some wrong ideas in comparison to a
comfort, but does not contradict the beliefs of novice, they are likely to be more qualified to
others who have different opinions. Examples
Is the current role-call of people who have
either had or died of Covid19 a significant
health problem, or is it a cluster of people no
different than other prior illness outbreaks?

Central PA Medicine Fall 2020 23


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