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Despite the unknowns, 33 states and counting
have legalized medical or recreational marijuana,
or both. Pennsylvania is currently debating full
legalization and public opinion is in favor of it.
No states specifically allow medical marijuana
for pregnancy related conditions, however, as
a result of public perception and the increased
prevalence of marijuana, the use amongst
pregnant women has expanded.
Although alcohol and tobacco use has dropped
among pregnant women, the percentage who
admitted to marijuana use has doubled between
2006 and 2018 to about 4 percent. Expectant
mothers may resort to marijuana to relieve severe
morning sickness (hyperemesis gravidarum)
that does not respond to standard medication.
Despite the increased popularity of marijuana
use to treat certain medical conditions there

is no doubt that use during pregnancy can be
harmful. If a baby is born with THC in the
urine the mother is reported to authorities.

To date the outcome that has been relatively
strongly linked to smoking marijuana during
pregnancy is lower birth weight. There has not
been enough data to draw conclusions regarding
breast feeding.

Long after THC and related compounds were
isolated in cannabis, scientists discovered that the
body produces its own cannabis-like substances.
Experts, including the American College
Humans have an intricate, chemical messaging of Obstetricians-Gynecologists, the American
network, now called the endocannabinoid Academy of Pediatricians and the National
system. That network which is concentrated Institute on Drug Abuse, say that doctors
in the brain and nervous system is involved in and women should be worried, not reassured.
an array of critical neurological processes, from Women who are pregnant or contemplating
early brain development to thinking, mood, pregnancy are advised to discontinue marijuana
appetite and pain sensation.
use. Contact your obstetrician with questions
about your pregnancy.
THC readily crosses the placenta to the fetus
and small amounts are transferred via the breast
milk to the baby. This mind-altering chemical
messenger could interfere with development.

Information on medical marijuana can be found on our website:


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