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Alison Dempsey, a fourth year medical student, has created the Student Spotlight to feature medical students and residents
with passions outside of medicine. If you know of any medical students or residents who would like to share their stories,
please feel free to send nominations to adempsey1@pennstatehealth.psu.edu



Yixin Chen is a 4th-year medical student with a love for yoga.
Yixin started practicing yoga at the ripe age of five - her mom took
her to community classes as a child and into her teenage years. In
college, her love for yoga blossomed. She received her teaching license,
and began teaching at the University of Maryland, and continued
throughout her gap year before medical school, at CorePower Yoga.
She has practiced yoga in more than 25 countries, and as an avid
traveler, plans to add at least 10 more countries before the end of
medical school! Yixin's favorite parts of yoga, wherever she may be
practicing, are the "happy coincidences" that come with each class.

Jeff Fornadley is a plastic surgery resident who is passionate about
photography. Jeff started exploring photography in middle school,
when his dad, who had similar interests in photography, gave him
a camera for his birthday. Jeff experimented with different types of
photography throughout his teenage years, and found his passion
in college: black and white photography. Ever since his college
class, he has explored various modes of low light photography, and
has created thousands of pictures throughout the years, his favorite
content being landscapes. He has photographed all over the world,
most recently, in Scotland.

In medical school, Yixin's yoga practice has continued to flourish.
She has taught throughout Harrisburg, and teaches at University
Fitness Center; her classes attract not only medical students, but other
members of the community, too. Yoga is not just a physical practice,
for Yixin, and she strives to share this mindset with her class. It is a
mental practice, a form of stress reduction, and a practice that never
fails to keep her grounded.

As a plastic surgery resident, Jeff has enjoyed incorporating the arts
and medicine. He believes his creative nature is a huge component
of what attracted him to plastic surgery, and he is thrilled to be in
a field where he can practice what he loves. In both plastic surgery
and photography, he has learned the importance of symmetry and
aesthetics. He has seen ways in which even the slightest angle can
make a world of difference in both surgery and photography.

Yixin hopes to go into OBGYN, and she looks forward to incorporating yoga into her practice. She'd love to center her practice on
not only the body, but the mind too, much like yoga!

In the future, Jeff hopes to continue to incorporate his love of
photography with his career as a plastic surgeon, whether that be
through traveling, through setting up pristine pre-op and post-op
photographs, or bringing a smile to his patient's face by sharing his
favorite photos.

4th-Year Medical Student

Plastic Surgery Resident

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