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Scott A. Gunder, MD

DCMS Presidential Scholarship

2018 Fall Gunder Recipient Naseem Zomorodi.


he Scott A. Gunder, MD, DCMS Presidential scholarship
is awarded annually to one deserving second-year medical
student from Penn State College of Medicine at the Milton
S. Hershey Medical Center. This year's award was presented
to Naseem Zomorodi at the March 2019 DCMS Board Meeting.
Congratulations Naseem!
Her scholarship winning essay can be read here: When I reflect
on my journey into medicine, I realize that I have been driven by a
set of values instilled in me by my mother. Growing up, I learned
from her daily acts of selflessness as both a patient, caring mother
and computer science professor who goes above and beyond for
her students.
One of the earliest lessons my mother taught me was to appreciate
the unique aspects of others that make them who they are. This
has strongly influenced the way I approach and care for my patients.
Wherever my career takes me, I know it will always be a priority
for me to get to know my patients as people and respond to their
individual needs. Beyond helping me to develop my compassion
for others, looking up to my mother has empowered me to pursue
my passions throughout my life.

Heath Mackley, MD, DCMS President-Elect, Virginia Hall, MD, FACOG, FACP,
PAMED Foundation President, and Heather Wilson, PAMED Foundation Executive
Director, present Naseem Zomorodi with her award.

One of the most powerful memories I have from my childhood
is finding my mom's diary as a 4th grader and coming across her
accounts of how she protested in the streets as an undergraduate
student during the Iranian Revolution. At first glance, you might
not guess that this gentle, kind woman is also an incredibly strong
individual that at my age, had just immigrated to America from Iran
by herself. When I asked her about it, she casually said "you have to
do what you think is right to make the world a better place." This
experience epitomizes my mother's proactive spirit and the reason
why I chose to join the AMA, an organization that has taught me
avenues to be a patient advocate. Her conviction also inspired me to
research multiple sclerosis upon arriving to medical school, something
I have wanted to do since one of my closest family members was
diagnosed a few years ago.
As a medical professional, I will always empower others to pursue
their passions, just as my mother has done for me. I will set an
example by consistently expressing empathy to not just my patients,
but everyone around me. Finally, whether it's resolutions or research
projects, I hope to inspire others by seeking out experiences and causes
that are meaningful to me and encouraging others to do the same.

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