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supplied unusable equipment with all
the bills paid out of Medicare funds; my
mother took the equipment as the Medicare
scammer convinced her she was entitled to
the wheelchair. She did not ask me first if
I thought this was a good idea because I
think she knew what my answer would be.
The company did not do any assessment
of compatibility with her environment; I
would call this Medicare fraud.

a report to the Federal Trade Commission.

calls requesting placement on the list in 4
days. The comedian Dave Barry suggested
donotcall.gov was more popular than Elvis.

One call came at 3:30 AM when I was
teaching in India. It was 5 PM the day
before at home so the timing was within
If the calls do not stop, report the caller
the guidelines. I did not answer this Mer- with date, time and name of caller and
cersburg, Pennsylvania exchange but my their organization to the Federal Trade
sleep was certainly interrupted. I feel sorry Commission. There are substantial fines
for individuals trying to make a living this of up to $41,484 per phone call. The FTC
way but will continue to insist on honesty. will not necessarily notify you of any actions
taken, but you can look at the FTC do
Knee and back braces and cane suppliers
A current frequent scammer is Alison, who not call website for some very interesting
often offer no doctor involvement. It has been tells you your Microsoft license is expiring reading. 31 days after you register, you can
said that the physician who treats himself or when there is no such entity for us end users. report the infractions to the FTC. Note:
herself has an idiot for a physician and a fool
this will not stop political, charitable, debt
for a patient; the same could be said about an
How do you stop those scammer phone collection, informational or survey phone
individual who depends on someone telling calls? The first thing you need to do is register calls. Businesses with which you have had
him or her she needs a device or service on the Do Not Call list with the Federal transactions may also call.
without consulting a medical professional. Trade Commission (FTC). That address
The brace and cane purveyors claim to be is donotcall.gov. If you want to do so by
I am interested in keeping your blood
empowering the individual, but what they telephone, the number is 1-800-382-1222 pressures down and day to day interruptions
are doing is trying to sell equipment that and TTY 1-866-290-4236. The phone and unnecessary stressors to a minimum.
would not be of most benefit when often call to place that line on the registry must
medication or physical therapy would give be made on that phone. With the online
Never give out your social security number
better results.
registry you will be sent a confirmation nor birthdate to a stranger on the phone
email within 72 hours (mine was less than or online. That is how identity thieves
I, for one, am tired of phone calls offering 2 hours) to which you will need to reply will rob you. If you ask for a number to
back, knee braces or canes at little or no on their link to complete your registration. call them back, you should check with the
cost to the individual. I have had callers There is no need to register again. If you get parent organization they allege to represent.
insist that I asked for back and knee brace some strange desire for phone calls at dinner According to American Association of Retired
information. This is an absolute lie and I time, you need to request your removal Persons (AARP), scammers get the most
tell them so, and further communicate I from the Do Not Call list. It again will take personal information in the late afternoons
am on the Do Not Call list and expect this 31 days to be removed. When the Do Not on Fridays. Beware the seller.
will be the last phone call or there will be Call list was opened, there were 10 million
Central PA Medicine Spring 2019 9

http://www.dauphincms.org http://www.donotcall.gov http://www.donotcall.gov

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