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the fruit of our careers and we can grow
into the resilient, well-rounded clinicians
we desire to be.
Note: This article is not intended to
replace medical advice and is for informational purposes only. If you are feeling
overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, or otherwise "not yourself," it may be time to reach
out for extra help. Confidential support is
out there; check out PA's Physician Health
Program at www.foundationpameddoc.
org or reach out to Allie at alliekochert@

A posture of curiosity would say, "What
if that weren't true?"
It would say, "How can I create the life
that I love and thrive in?"
It would say, "What is it in this situation
I can control?"
It would say, "What is the first right step
towards wellness and wholeness for me?"
Allow yourself to move into that place of
curiosity towards yourself and your situation.
Your thoughts are just that-just thoughts,
changeable, malleable. We are not wedded
to our situations unless we believe we are.
Bring in Healthy Supports
When we want to make some changes to
become more balanced in our lives, we need
support. Who supports you in maintaining
balance? When you observe your thoughts
and reactions, do you notice who in your
life comes to mind?
High achieving helpers can be especially
hard on themselves, thinking they need
to go it alone. We can dismiss the idea
that others are more than willing and able
to help us when we need it. It could be
helpful to acknowledge those core beliefs
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around help. Sometimes that takes a bit
of swallowing pride, and sometimes it is
just getting over our own mental hurdles.
But when we acknowledge our needs and
accept assistance, we move into greater
emotional health. Creating balance in an
otherwise full and challenge-filled life takes
out-of-the-box thinking and creativity, but
great is the reward of a reduced emotional
burden and a thriving life and career.
Lighten the Load and Feel the Freedom
There are many, and growing, pressures
on physicians and healthcare clinicians.
Though there are wonderful challenges in
a career as a helper and healer, burnout is
real. If we are conscious to our thoughts
and how they relate to our feelings and our
reactions, we become more in control of
how our challenging careers affect us. When
we become more self-aware and reflective,
we can become more emotionally healthy
and balanced. Through taking a balanced,
curious posture towards our thoughts and
core beliefs, we begin to become aware of
the roadblocks and remove them. When
we practice what we preach and embrace
wellness strategies, then our lives feed into

Allie Kochert, MA, LPC, grew up around
medicine, and when she was little you could
find her at her dad's pediatric office sticking
tine tests in the walls (don't tell her dad).
Nowadays she is a Licensed Professional
Counselor who provides support, counseling
and consulting to individuals in the helping or
healing professions such as physicians, nurses,
therapists and ministerial professionals. Over
the course of her career, she has worked in
hospitals, agencies, and group practice, and
currently is the owner of Rooted Growth
Counseling, a telehealth private practice in PA.
She can be found at www.alliekochert.com.
1. National Academy of Medicine. "Taking
Action Against Clinician Burnout: A Systems
Approach to Professional Well-Being." A
Systems Approach to Professional Well-Being/The National Academies Press, 23 Oct
2019, https://www.nap.edu/catalog/25521/

http://www.dauphincms.org http://www.foundationpameddoc http://www.alliekochert.com https://www.nap.edu/catalog/25521/

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