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and friends who all visited her on Christmas Day and celebrated
the holidays with her at the hospital.
Michelle noted that her cancer diagnoses have taught her to
never allow disease to consume one's life nor victimize them. As she
recovered, she created a bucket list realizing that no day should be
taken for granted. This led her to take more weekend trips across the
United States. From cruises to road trips across the United States to
flights across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Michelle noted that
she began to live "a second life." Through it all, she appreciates the
profound impact that her friends, whom she refers to as a second
family, have played in her life. Her escapades later evolved to include
sky diving, water rafting and even roller coaster thrill rides across
the U.S. From Spring to early Fall, her weekends are filled with civil
war re-enactments where she plays a lady and a soldier. Her love for
music and side DJ-ing career inspired her to learn how to play the
drums. She also notes that she is an avid horseback rider.
Despite all of these adventures, Michelle noted that she still felt
empty inside and wanted to volunteer to help better her community. She recalled the close connection that she developed with the
Chambers Hill Fire Company when she moved to the area through
her social volunteering activities. She noted that since age 20, she was
always interested in this career, but due to the times, it was frowned
upon for females to pursue it. At the firehouse, she was so inspired
by a fellow female firefighter, Mary, who had been doing it for over
40 years, that in May of 2019, she began her training to become
one. Since then, she has played a valuable role in saving lives from
burning buildings and providing acute life support with seconds
to spare. She treats firefighting as a second career, despite it being
a volunteer activity to give back, and responds to any call that she
can-whether it is late at night, on a weekend or even Christmas
Day. She is currently undergoing further training to save lives in
active shooter situations.
When asked about her inspiration, Michelle said, "God has already
blessed me with life. I am alive right now when most counted me
out at the age of 32. All I can do now is use the time I have left to
leave a positive difference in people's lives." In her spare time, Ms.
Hummel helps with fundraisers and BBQ events to raise money for
the Chambers Hill Fire Company of which she plays an integral part
and is a staunch cancer advocate where she gives talks, offers personal
advice, moral support, and inspires others in their respective cancer
battles. Through it all, she has single-handedly raised three healthy
sons who are inspired by her example to leave a positive mark on this
world as well. When asked what we can do to help, she replied "give
back and support your local community and volunteer firefighters
who give their lives and time daily to keep their townships safe."
This is the type of selfless person that is Ms. Hummel who is always
giving of herself to make a positive difference in the lives of others.
This thrill-seeking gladiator is Harrisburg's modern-day superwoman and has demonstrated the very strength of the human spirit
to overcome insurmountable challenges and leave a positive mark on
the lives of Central Pennsylvania's citizens daily. She is an inspiration
to us all. Thank you for being super Ms. Hummel!

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