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exercise potential changes throughout our maintain as much mental and
lifetime. Parents celebrate their baby's ability physical capacity as she could.
to roll over, crawl, walk and run. Seniors In addition to her dedication
celebrate their ability to stay independent. to exercise, she was a steadfast
Throughout adolescence and adulthood, many believer in lifelong education.
people seek ways to challenge their bodies Beyond just understanding,
and a progressive fitness industry responds she constantly sought to apply
to this innate need. Exercise is a unique and the information she learned.
personal experience that improves the ability Through this desire to learn
to deal with daily stresses and focuses, literally and apply, she created a perand figuratively, on forward motion. As a sonal cycle of exercise as a
mechanism for discovering strength, personal mechanism for understanding
progress and mindfulness, exercise is medicine and improvement. She also
for both the mind and body.
imparted a legacy of awareness
The impetus for the Adella Fasano Medical to her family, friends, class
Student Endowment is twofold. It is to participants and strangers
honor the memory and ideals of a woman whose lives she touched with
who, throughout her 89 years, developed an her passion for living.
awareness and a passion for understanding the
body and mind and how the body and the
mind respond and thrive with physical activity.
The endowment is a step towards planting the
seeds, through training and experience, to
grow the awareness of the benefits of exercise
in the minds and bodies of future physicians.

Adella passed away at the
age of 89 in 2015. Adella's
daughter Louise, a fitness
instructor and former clinical
Adella Fasano
psychologist, truly understands the importance of
campus. Three students have already received
the mind and body connection. Through the award and achieved instructor status. The
The namesake of this endowment, Adella teaching indoor cycling classes for over twenty hope is, through their involvement as leaders
Fasano, lived her belief in the holistic benefit years, she has seen her students conquer fears, of a group fitness experience, they will conof exercise throughout her lifetime. As a reduce anxiety, heal and celebrate what their tinue to champion both the healing and the
young girl growing up on Long Island in bodies and minds can accomplish. While preventative properties of exercise throughout
the 1930s, she quickly learned the value of working at the University Fitness Center on their lives from the elevated platform of their
her endurance and a respect for the natural the Hershey medical campus, she has seen medical career.
world, especially the ocean. She learned the countless medical students, PhD students
As the endowment grows, additional
value of resilience after recovering from a and nursing students work through their funding will become available to provide
debilitating childhood illness. In her twenties daily stressors through the outlet of group educational opportunities to a wider variety
she worked as a medical secretary at Brookha- exercise. She also has a silver cycle class of exercise experiences such as yoga, martial
ven Laboratories. This experience sparked a where adults are encouraged to approach arts, meditation and others. In addition, it
lifelong passion to understand the human their exercise experience with confidence has the potential to become a funding source
body. Though she never acquired a college using the motto "It's always your ride." It for research and study.
degree, she took many college courses in was in this environment, as well as watching
If you want to learn more about the
biology, physiology and kinesiology. She was her children negotiate their path through a
Adella Fasano Medical Student Endowmedical
a Red Cross-certified Water Safety Instructor
ment, information can be obtained at
and a Red Cross-certified First Aid instructor. was conceived. Working together with Penn
In the 1960s Adella learned to teach infants
fitness-center-endowment/. If you want to
to swim from Virginia Hunt Newman. She
contribute, that can be done through the
was a volunteer for the American Cancer Endowment" to train interested medical
Penn State Health Office of Development
Society's information hotline. After her
and Alumni Relations.
daughter completed her master's in clinical
The endowment provides one medical
psychology, Adella took more college level student per year with the financial means and
classes in Psychology. She became a volunteer mentorship to obtain a Spinning Instructor
for the suicide prevention hotline.
Certification. Once certified, the students
Despite the physical deterioration she experi- have the opportunity to teach cycling classes
enced as she aged, she continued to exercise to at the fitness center on Penn State Hershey
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